Acer's PMP is a touchscreen

Rumours have been floating around for some time now about Apple creating a successor to the current iPod Video, and this new rendition would feature a touch-screen click wheel integrated into the display. It seems that Acer has beaten Steve Jobs to the punch, in a sense, because the company’s entry into the PMP market – the Acer MP-500 – features a 3.5-inch touchscreen display complete with stylus.Although the supported video formats haven’t been confirmed as of yet, we do know that this Acer PMP will take all your MP3, WMA, and AAC audio, as well as give you picture viewing capabilities (JPG, GIF and BMP). It can probably do voice recording as well, because it comes with a microphone, and if the 3.5 inches (320 x 240) isn’t enough, you can always make use of the TV-out.Battery life is adequate at 4 hours of video or 8 hours of audio. Coming in 20GB and 40GB varieties, the Acer MP-500 has yet to be designated an official launch date or price. via