Big review of Asus MyPal A632/A636

Sony PSP Firmware 3.0 Screen-Shots? Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Asus opted for the golden average in the latest models as to performance and memory size. The Intel PXA272 processor running at 416 MHz can hardly be described as insufficient. Besides, there is a configuration applet making it possible to choose from four performance modes (3 static, one automatic based on actual load) and save some battery power when you do not need maximum computing power. Both models are fitted with adequate memory – the FlashROM is insufficient for maps but abundant for applications and data. According to the technical specifications, the Asus offers 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of FlashROM. The User can access 42 MB of RAM and 57 MB of FlashROM after a hard reset. If you think it is too little, here is the explanation – almost 26 MB of FlashROM is allocated as a Flash Disk, which has an interesting feature – the data it contains are protected against a hard reset. Don’t forget that Windows Mobile 5 eliminates the risk of a hard reset because of the battery running completely flat but the data in the FlashROM is not protected against malfunction of an application or the user’s error. Flash Disk is significantly slower than the rest of the memory (don’t ask me why) but I do not see it as a major problem.” Read this big review here:

Lakeridge Software Releases WisBar Lite for Pocket PC

Bluetooth Wireless Audio Comes to the Palm OSA simple task manager perfect for those who want to take control of their system without replacing key components.WisBar Advance 2.x Users:Your license code for WisBar Advance 2.x WILL work for registering WisBar Lite. So, there is no need to purchase this if you are a registered user of WisBar Advance 2.Features Customize the closing, hiding and minimization of applications. Cascading start menu. Real close button. Switch between running applications. Real-time battery meter. Low memory footprint. Retains the default theme of your PocketPC device. Supports the WisBar Advance Desktop.

Sony PSP Firmware 3.0 Screenshots?

Sony PSP Firmware 3.0 Screen-Shots? Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review Several Screenshots showing what is supposed to be the Sony PSP Firmware 3.0 are flooding Sony PSP discussion boards. Some are really well made fakes. Correcting, all of them are really well made fakes. Still the screen-shots sparked the imagination of Sony PSP fans and threads are filled with eager anticipation of features like Sony PS3 hard-drive access, Sony PSP Paint, Sony Connect music store access, Sony PSP Organizer and Writepad.This thread at features a collection of 13 Sony PSP Firmware photos. Some of those screenshots are also in a discussion thread on YourPSP. via

Bluetooth Wireless Audio Comes to the Palm OS

Softick has released Audio Gateway v1.0, the first Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming solution for Palm OS handhelds. Audio Gateway enables users to connect a Palm OS handheld or Treo 650 to Bluetooth stereo headphones and listen to digital audio played by Palm OS applications including: MP3 players, audio book readers, and games. Bluetooth Wireless Audio Comes to the Palm OSSoftick Audio Gateway can operate with any Bluetooth audio device which supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) designed to transfer a high-quality stereo audio stream wirelessly. The program captures digital audio from Palm OS audio subsystem and redirects it to the Bluetooth A2DP device: stereo headphones, desktop PC, car audio or A2DP speakers. Features: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile support (A2DP) High quality stereo streaming, up to 304Kbps audio bitrate Wide-range players and audio software compatibility Easy setup and usage Support for Mono and Stereo sound stream Automatic upsampling/downsampling depending on blueooth headset capabilities Built-in audio post filter to improve low bitrate audio quality Audio Gateway v1.0 is currently compatible with the Palm LifeDrive, Palm TX, Treo 650, Tungsten E2, Tungsten T3, Tungsten T5 and Zire 72. It retails for $19.95 and comes with a free trial. via

SanDisk reveals new memory cards

In a flurry of communications, SanDisk has announced the availability of several upgrades in its industry-leading memory card series.The 4GB Ultra II Memory Stick PRO Duo card doubles the capacity of the previous card in the Ultra II line. The card’s minimum write speed is 9MB a second and minimum read speed of 10MB.A series of additions to the Extreme III card line. Three in all, they include the the 8GB CompactFlash card, the 2GB SD card, and the 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo digital film card. Each card boasts minimum write and read speeds of 18MB a second and features the company’s Enhanced Super-Parallel Processing technology, which combines, among other things, NAND flash memory chips and 32-bit RISC processing. One other compelling feature is the company’s own RescuePRO software, which allows easy recovery of lost or deleted images or data.Sandisk’s foldable SD card, aka USB-Flash Memory Combo Card, has gotten a boost to 2GB in size. This gem of a card has a write speed of up to 9MB a second and a read speed of up to 10MB a second.Pricing and availability is as follows;Ultra II Memory Stick PRO 512MB – 2GB DUO $59.99- $119.99 (Available Now) Ultra II Memory Stick PRO 4GB $239.99 (Due out in March)Extreme III CF 1 – 4GB $99.99 – $279.99 (Available Now) Extreme III CF 8GB $559.99 (Due out in March)Extreme III Memory Stick 1 – 2GB $109.99- $209.99 (Available Now)Extreme III Memory Stick 4GB $419.99 (Due out in March) Extreme III SD 1GB $99.99 (Available Now)Extreme III SD 2GB $199.99 (Due out in March)SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus 512MB $69.9 (Available Now) SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus 1GB $89.99 (Available Now)SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus 2GB $134.99 (Due out in June) via

Coolpad 728 packs entire office into one device

Coolpad 728 packs entire office into one deviceThe Coolpad 728 is the world’s first Windows CE smartphone that supports dual networks. Based on Qualcomm’s MSM6050 chipset and Samsung’s dual core S3C2410X ARM (266MHz)processor, the Coolpad 728 enables the user to access both GSM and CDMA networks simultaneously, allowing you to skip continents without the need to swap SIM cards or cellphones. Standard features include MP3 support, office productivity software, a 1.3-megapixel camera and a miniSD card slot. Check out the specs after the jump. • OS:Windows CE 5.0 Chinese Simplified version• Network:CDMA 800M/1900M / GSM 900M/1800M/1900M• CPU:Samsung ARM9 S3C2410 266MHz• Display:2.8″ 240 x 320, 262144 color TFT LCD• Weight:180g(including 1100mAh standard battery)• Battery:1100mAh/1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery• Size:116 x 59 x 21.5mm• supports WMA/WMV/MP3/WAV/MPG/AAC/MIDI/MMF/MP4/3GP formats• supports streaming media• 3D stereo surround sound system • Full screen handwriting input method• supports PPT, PDF, WORD, EXCEL formats• 1.3-magepixel camera • supports video clips with voice• stores up to 3000 units contacts• stores up to 2000 SMS with secure password protection• External Memory:MINI SD card slot which support up to 1GB via