TMobile MDA review at mobiletechreview!

“For T-Mobile, whose PDA and smartphone offers have trickled out slowly in the US, the MDA is an important move forward. Since the inception of Pocket PC Phone Edition, they’ve offered only the original T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone (original XDA) and the tepidly received HP iPAQ 6315. The MDA is a compact, reliable and feature-packed device that moves T-Mobile US squarely into the 21st century. Combine the web browsing and email prowess of the MDA with T-Mobile’s recently rolled out 2.5G EDGE data network and you’ve got a strong business contender. The MDA has Bluetooth, WiFi, the afore mentioned EDGE, a thumb keyboard, a 1.3MP camera and runs Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Phone Edition.” Read this review here:

Linux comes to the HTC Universal

“If you really dig HTC’s hardware, but can’t bear to use Windows Mobile, you’ll be pleased to know that the dedicated HTC hackers at the XDA-developer project have successfully gotten Linux to run on the HTC Universal. They’ve been able to enable a range of functions, including a keyboard driver, USB driver and GUI, so if you want to give this a try, now’s your chance.” Check for more here: via

TX Tweak Remaps Palm TX Buttons

Palm TX TweakVorpalware has released a new utility for Palm TX users. TX tweak is a small application that improves navigational behavior and fixes some minor annoyances on the TX. It will allow you to remap the home hardware button to launch any application in RAM. The utility also lets you set the find icon space on the status bar to launch the applications screens (like it should in the first place), search or launch favorites. TX Tweak costs $6.95 to register and there is a free trial download. via

Possible Origami pic surfaces on the web

OrigamiPortal received this leaked photo from an online source today and we decided to share it with our visitors.If this is the actual final product, it’s pretty slick. And if it’s not, it’s a very nice mockup. The pic we have received shows a device that looks thinner than the ones shown in the Digital Kitchen video. And the UI is definitely some new handheld OS.In the corner of the window there is the words Alexandria. (The logo kind of looks like the Alexandria library software.) I’m not sure what Alexandria is however.The UI components seem to emulate what has been shown so far with Windows Vista over the last couple beta releases.The one weird component is the word “podcast” on the right side tree. If this is real, would Microsoft include this by default in their menus?And look at that, you can download Law and Order off of it for just $29.99! What a deal!We will be deconstructing what we feel each of these buttons do in our next news post. In the meantime love the pic and comment on it if you know anything about it. via

Samsung SGH i310 phone has 8GB HDD

Samsung has done it again, announcing an amazon phone, and this time it’s the i310 which comes with a whopping 8GB hard disk, and the following features:
runs on Windows Mobile 5.0
a 2.0 megapixel camera
a microSD memory expansion slot
Bluetooth (w/ A2DP stereo support)
It’s to be officially unveiled during CeBIT, but man, this phone sounds absolutely great, and it has 8 GB of storage! That’s more than 95% of the MP3 players out there, and it even beats most of the iPods. Samsung has a real ability to release some kickass phone.What’s even more amazing is that this phone will be released during the second half of this year, and in Europe. Usually these high-end spectactular phones only get released in places like Korea and China, but this puppy is actually coming to Europe (and probably the US as well). via