Treo 700p Spotted, Likely May/June Release

Possible Treo 700p Image ~ Click for Larger“Rumor: A PalmInfocenter reader wrote in with an interesting find on the Treo 700p during a recent visit to a Sprint retail store. He asked around about the new Treo and was shown details on Treo 700p in Sprint’s computer system. So the story is our source visited a Sprint store this past Saturday. He asked their lead tech if he knew anything about the release of the Treo 700p. The tech pulled up a webpage from Sprint that not only had the Sprint part number for the 700p but also had a “May/June” release date indicated, which he let him see for himself. Previous leaked details about the Treo 700p indicate it will run Palm OS Garnet v5.4.9. It features EVDO high speed data support, a 320×320 pixel display, 1.3 megapixel camera with a 1280×1024 max image resolution and 62.8 MB of free RAM.” via

Review GSM/UMTS smartphone Nokia N91

“The model has a distinctive design – it’s one of a few devices made almost completely out of metal, as to our case, we have to deal with stainless steel. Metallic coating doesn’t cover only the rear part, to be precise, the area near the camera, in light of the fact the antennas are located right here and any kind of metal shields them. Despite Nokia 8800, which features stainless steel as well, in this model it is not polished, but matt. The phone doesn’t flash and looks pretty solid, but on the other hand this conceals a real problem of abrasion. All scratches are visible on the shell and the fact it’s not polished only intensifies them. And here one can see a reversed situation, when during daily routine the device keeps “polishing” itself. Even though the shell itself is long-wearing, the esthetic side of the appearance suffers a lot. In my opinion, after 6-7 of intensive use, all abrasions will become visible” Read this review here:

AData and MSI introduce solar power to memory devices

 Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget ReviewTaiwan-based A-Data Technology and Micro-Star International (MSI) plan to introduce solar cells into their latest flash-based memory devices at CeBIT in Germany. A-Data is launching the Solar Disk thumb drive (left image) equipped with a solar cell module. The drive does not have a built-in battery and the solar cell module powers its LCD display to show remaining capacity. MSI will be demoing a solar cell-equipped MP3 player (right image). The solar cell won’t be the sole source of juice for the prototype player, rather it uses the solar module to charge the built-in lithium battery and provide supplementary power to extend battery life.A-Data’s drive is expected to be generally available in April. MSI plans to move this product into mass production in time for Computex in June 2006. More details on the DigiTimes Site. via

The first dual cursor mouse, DCT DPM1

AMD and Intel already went all dual on us, and now this is the first dual (cursor) mouse on the market (to my knowledge anyway). Don’t ask me anything about practicality or how it is in real life, but the basic idea is that when you press the side of your mouse, a red pointer appears and takes control… and when you release the side of the mouse, the normal cursor appears… Check for more photoes here:

Vilmos has ported Shippy to PalmOS and Zodiac!

Vilmos has ported Shippy to PalmOS and Zodiac! Shippy is a game which pretends to be from the era of SpaceInvaders and Galaga, but introduces enough tiny modifications to these games’ system to make it an excellent game on its own. While it isn’t actually that old, this game succeeds in creating a real oldschool arcade feeling. So if you’re looking for a TrueColor, HiRes game you’re looking in the wrong place. Shippy usually limits itself to EGA(16) colors and a 240×160 resolution, enemy animations are usually 2 frames and transparency is not supported 🙂 via