Pocket PC Phone with alphanumeric keypad from Asus

Pdalive.com has some great news about a new Pocket PC phone from Asus.”Asus has unveiled a new Pocket PC Phone at the CeBIT-2006 tradeshow.Marketed as a VoIP phone, the new P525 can automatically roam between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. It runs Windows Mobile 5.0 on a 416 MHz Intel XScale PXA270 processor and has 64 MB RAM.The handset is equipped with a color QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) TFT screen, Bluetooth, and 2.0- megapixel camera with auto-focus. It also sports an alphanumeric thumb keypad with extra rows for control keys.Further details about the Asus P525 are expected at a later date.”

Review of Undercroft for Pocket PC!

“Eric Pankoke has provided PDArcade.com with another great review! This time he looks at Rake In Grass’ RPG, Undercroft. “”Fans of traditional dungeon crawls will be in 7th heaven when playing Undercroft. Quirky quests, bizarre encounters and monsters galore keep you intently focused on the “now”, while intermittent cinemas remind you of your overarching goal and keep you pressing on. This is one RPG you should add to your list without hesitation. .” You can read the the entire review HERE!

Review GSM smartphone Sony Ericsson W950i

Measuring 106х54х15 mm, the smartphone can claim the title of a “slim” handset, in the manner of the latest tendencies. Many complain about the phone being too wide, but it’s not quite right. As a matter of fact, it’s wider than all other handsets, which set the pace in this field, by a centimeter or so. This difference is needed only in order to make sure that the phone will exactly fit your palm and rest against it – otherwise you won’t be able to deal with JogDial properly and won’t fully experience all advantages of managing this device single handedly. Pay attention to the fact that almost all models, equipped with a scroll wheel, have always been wide – this regards the first models by Sony as well (Z7’s width is 50 mm). Sufficient width is essential for a device of this kind, so it will perfectly fit your hand – actually, Sony Ericsson W950i width could have been shortened to the measurements of a standard bar phone: the space, left inside the handset and some ways for improvement modules arrangement provide this possibility. As a comparison one can remember that the width of devices representing P line-up exceeds 50 mm. The handset’s weight is 112 grams – not so much for a product of this class. Read this great review here:

Hands On Photos with the Smart Sony Ericsson M600

Hands-On Photos with the Smart Sony Ericsson M600 Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review
I4u has some great news about M600″Sony Ericsson announced the
M600 3G business phone early February. The M600 features a very clean design and as the first photos show the user interface is also very clean. The Sony Ericsson M600 supports text input via the touch-screen offering text recognition and a virtual keyboard. Alternatively the keys can be used which offer a minimalist QWERTY keyboard. Esato features several fresh hi-res photos of the M600 from their visit at the CeBit show. Engadget Mobile has also some photos from a Sony Ericsson press event.”