PFlashP Pocket Flash Player v2.0.0 is out for PPC

Xplore M68 ReviewPFlashP – Pocket Flash Player is a tool that will help you to play macromedia files (.swf) in your Pocket PC.PFlashP will prepare your pre-selected macromedia file to fit in your device screen no matter if it’s a QVGA Screen, a 240×240 screen or a VGA screen. It will allow also to rotate the screen to landscape in devices with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and Windows Mobile 5.This tool requires Macromedia ActiveX PIE Addin installed in your Pocket PC.Currently, the Macromedia ActiveX for Pocket PC is only pre-installed by OEMs in the following devices:
HP iPAQ rz1700
HP iPAQ rx3400
HP iPAQ rx3700
HP iPAQ rw6100
HP iPAQ rx3100
Toshiba GENIO e550
Toshiba GENIO e550G Check it here:

Xplore M68 smartphone review at palminfocenter

Xplore M68 Review “What initially impressed me most was that the Palm OS had been customised for a more phone centric interface making it very easy to perform the basic calls functions one handed. The use of a five-way jog dial results in an excellent initial experience. Mind you, some smartphones are neither phone-centric nor PDA-centric, making it very difficult to operate, which frustrates users. The M68 can alternate between the classic Palm launcher and GSPDA’s more phone centric interface. When I first saw the pictures posted on the Net, I immediately felt it looked too plastic and not as aesthetically pleasing as the Treo series. But upon seeing the actual thing and holding it, all thoughts about it being too ‘plastic’ were gone.In fact, I found that the material used for its body was a good choice. It provides a very good grip and doesn’t feel as ‘oily’ as other phones after some use. At a size of 49.5 x 109 x 22.5 mm and 127g, it may feel kinda thick and a tad heavy to some users but as an ex-treo 600 user myself, this phone feels right giving it a very sturdy look. Not forgetting its 170 hours standby time, the 3.7V 1350mAh Li-Polymer battery contributes a fair amount of weight and size too.” Read this nice review here:

O2 XDA Mini S review at infosyncworld!

O2 XDA Mini S “Meanwhile, the 2.8-inch QVGA display of the XDA Mini S is a bright and highly legible affair despite its sub-par ClearType font-smoothing performance, automatically changing its orientation dependent on whether the device is used in open or closed mode. It also doubles as a viewfinder for the mediocre 1.3 Megapixel camera, which is a nice addition although not terribly useful. ” Read this review here:

Kinpo SP70 another GSM Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC with WiFi

PhoneMag Image“Kinpo is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, which has already produced Pocket PC Phones like the S600, we reported about last year. Now the FCC’s documents reveal a new Kinpo PPC, running on Windows Mobile 5.0 platform and featuring Wi-Fi. Kinpo iDo SP70 is probably the successor of the S600. It keeps its predecessor’s design but improves its functionality. Unfortunately, it is still only tri-band GSM and not a quad-band “world” phone. Its main specifications are:GSM 900/1800/1900MHz; GPRS
Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC
Freescale i.MX21 processor; 128MB flash ROM, 64MB SDRAM
2.8”, QVGA 262k color touch display; 1.3 mega pixel camera, interpolating up to 2 mega pixels
USB, IrDA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
miniSD slot for memory expansion” via

Dual Core MP3 player from China

“The Chinese company called TCLAST presents the C150, an MP3 player with a “DUAL CORE” function. It’s similar to the function used in PC CPU’s, but then adapted for audio. There are basically 2 levels in this chipset, and they are used to improve the audio quality. Well, that’s my best guess, my Chinese language skills are quite limited, so if there are any Chinese speakers out there, please leave your comments on the forum, because the concept looks very promising.Oh yes, it also decodes Mpeg1 videos.” via