WiFi update for Palm TX

Yakumo deltaX 5 BT Navigator 3 Europe ESU for the Palm T|X handheld lets you access and exchange important information across secure wireless networks.The Enterprise Security Update (ESU) includes enhanced authentication and encryption for 802.1x-protected networks, as well as support for WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise.For detailed list of features and supported security protocols, click here.Included: 1. Enterprise software update installer for T|X handheld. 2. Palm Wi-Fi Profile Wizard, a desktop UI and scripting tool to configure security parameters including CA, server and client certificates. The network administrator may use the wizard to create configuration files for network users. 3. Profile installer to install the profile configuration file from the SD card to the Palm T|X handheld. The profile configuration file may also be installed via HotSync operation.System Requirements: Palm T|X Handheld At least 1.5MB free RAM Windows 2000/XP (with SP2) SD Expansion card with minimum 32MB available SD Card Reader Check it here:

Acer n311 PDA review at trustedreviews.com

“Design wise the Acer is on the money. It’s black and silver colouring is smart and the buttons and joystick have a good feel to them. In fact, the Acer feels particularly good to hold in the hand, a combination of the size, weight and materials. Turn it round and you’ll find a brushed metal finish with an Acer logo covering the removable battery. The power button is on the left – press once for on off and hold down to activate the backlight. Below this is hold switch, a great addition, which makes it ideal to put the PDA in your pocket or bag and use as a music player. At the top there’s an SD card slot next to a standard 3.5m headphone jack. There’s a yellow light on the right to show charging and one that lights up blue when wireless is activated.” Read this review here:

A1200, the new “Moto PDA”

“PhoneDaily has snapped a few pictures during Motorola’s press conference where they launched their new PDA phone, the A1200. As you can see, Motorola’s taste for the presenters is really good too. The A1200 runs on Linux, has a 2.4″ touch screen, 128MB of memory, an Intel Xscale PXA270 CPU, and it’s compatible with the Office suite. It also has the MSN Messenger integrated, a 2MP camera and it can scan business cards with the camera and store them as a contact in the phone’s memory. It also has Bluetooth and A2DP support. It measures 96x52x21.5mm.” via akihabaranews.com