Motorola Backpedals on Q Release

“Last week, the news broke that Motorola was promising to release its next Windows Mobile Smartphone in April.It seems it didn’t take long for Motorola to change its mind, as the official page for this device has been changed to say, “Shipping soon.”The Motorola Q has been delayed several times already. At one point, its developer’s CEO said it might hit the market before the end of last year, but clearly this didn’t happen.Later, the expected release was bumped back until sometime during the first quarter of 2006, but this deadline was also missed.Obviously, Motorola has decided to stop committing to any particialar release date for this smartphone.” More at

Samsung i730 Windows Mobile 5 Upgrade Rom Leaked

“If you are Samsung i730 pda phone user, you will love to see the unofficial windows mobile 5.0 upgrade leaked. Of course the unofficial installation is not for everyone, but you can expect an official release coming soon.The installation is not a direct click and go. The leaked windows mobile 5.0 rom was dumped from a leaked Windows Mobile 5.0 i730. Not everything is perfect but it definitely fit for those adventurer.Disclaimer from the poster,These instructions aren’t full detailed instructions, but are about as close as we can get to an overall install of the WM5 ROM IMG install. This is also not the end all WM5 release from Verizon, this is a dump from a WM5 enabled i730, which means NOT everything will be updated, and you will still have to run the WM5 update when it’s released. SuperDave, Myself (mrailing), anyone hosting the files, and the owners/administrators/moderators, are not responsible for anything you happen to do to your i730 during this upgrade. You take full responsibility for anything happening to your phone and understand this is presented to you as is. If you do this after it’s first posted, your are part of the testing process. In my professional opinion, you should wait for Verizon to release their “supported” WM5 software, so just be warned.” Check for more here: via

Analytics: smartphones force out PDA actively

“The analytical company Computer Industry Almanac has published its survey on the smartphones and PDA market dynamics with the forecast. In 2003 the world PDA sales outpaced smartphone sales by 70%. In 2005 the smartphone-PDA ratio was 3.1:1, in 2006 it is predicted to be 5:1. The smartphone sales are ever growing and they will 11 fold higher than PDA sales in 2011. Depending on the region we can see a great dispersion. Well, in Europe the smartphones were to PDA as 6.5:1 last year and will be 13:1 in 2011. In the US the situation is different. PDA were still the leaders in 2005, however under the forecast smartphones will eventually outgrow PDA in 2006 and will lead 4.4:1 in 2011. According to the company, increased PDA functionality might prevent from the future sales drop. Navigation opportunities and in a couple of years mobile TV are expected to protect the PDA market from the downturn in future.” via

Nokia 9300 is finally available with Cingular

“Back in September 2005, Cingular announced that they are going to carry the Nokia 9300 Communicator in November 2005, but just now the 9300 appears on the page of the US #1 carrier. The 9300 is a Communicator with QWERTY keyboard, landscape display, and operates in tri-band GSM networks, supporting also EDGE data. Based on Symbian operating system, it also supports JAVA MIDP2.0 and features Bluetooth, Infrared, and USB. Cingular offers it for $299.99 after mail-in rebate and a 2-year contract. 9300’s main features are: * GSM 850/1800/1900, GPRS/EDGE * 5.20 x 2.01 x 0.83 inches, 5.89 ounces * Symbian 7 OS, Series 80 Interface, JAVA MIDP 2.0 support * 640×200 pixels 65k color display * Bluetooth, USB, Infrared ” via

Psarakia for Palm OS just updated to v1.3

” From the makers of PaintBall & Frutakia a ‘fresh’ idea of puzzle gaming that won’t let you alone!• Game Objective:Make horizontal or vertical pairs of two and more same fish. You can see the frozen fish ice cubes; defrost them by breaking the ice!• Gameplay:Break the ice of each fish group, by holding the pen down on the screen and moving it on each fish without letting go. The ice will break and thefish will appear. After a while the pairs will be calculated and the points & life earned–29/Mar/2006 UPDATE (1.3) —* Redraw issue fixed when receiving call in Treo 650/600. Click here for more

Nokia 3250 review at

Normal mode “Rotating the keypad into Music mode reveals standard ‘back’, ‘play/pause’, ‘stop’ and ‘forward’ buttons, with the Music Player application starting (or just coming to the foreground), ready for action. With the numeric keypad now hidden, the 3250 strongly resembles a standalone music player, with the left function key bringing up the menu and with the navigator key letting you browse around the interface. Once you’ve picked your album or tracklist and started playback, you can press the Menu/Apps key to switch to (or start up) other applications while music continues solidly in the background.” Read this review here:

Astrology & Horoscopes Pro is out for Palm OS (4$ discount)

Yakumo deltaX 5 BT Navigator 3 EuropeCrazySoft is happy to announce our latest title: Astrology and Horoscopes Pro. It just released for Palm OS (Soon will be available for Pocket PCs too).Astrology & Horoscope Pro is a professional program which uses astrology to advice you about matchmaking by sign, your 2006 horoscope, detailed zodiac sign analysis and numerology by your birthdate/birthday.Features • Matchmaker by Sign • Horoscopes 2006 • Zodiac Signs • Numerology “