The Treo 700w vs. the Treo 650 vs. the PPC6700

” If you’re in the market for a PDA smartphone, you’ve got a lot of great choices. Here at Computing Unplugged, we’ve been tracking the war between Palm and Pocket PC devices since January of 1998, so when Palm came out with their first Pocket PC smartphone, we thought this event worthy of investigation.In this article, we’re letting three leading devices shoot it out. The big news, of course, is Palm’s Treo 700w, their first foray into the Pocket PC world and possibly a taste of the future of Palm handhelds. Another exciting device is the PPC-6700, Sprint’s version of the amazingly powerful and versatile device we reviewed previously in its Verizon incarnation.”

Samsung SBH300 MP3 player does Bluetooth both ways

Mobilemag,com has some great news about a bluetooth samsung mp3 playerDon’t let the “Anycall” moniker fool you, the Samsung SBH-300 Bluetooth digital audio player is not a cell phone, but it can pretend to be one. Leave your real handset in your purse, backpack, or wherever, and use this handy music player as a Bluetooth headset. This gadget also “sends” Bluetooth out to stereo headsets as well, with full support for the A2DP profile.Packaged in with the 2GB player is a set of wired speakers with an inline microphone and volume control. Of course, you make things overly complicated for yourself by having your cell phone send the calls to the SBH-300, which in turn can send A2DP stereo sound to your Bluetooth headphones. Other features include a great looking 262 color OLED LCD display (as per usual from Samsung), an FM tuner, voice recording, picture viewing capabilities, and microSD expansion. Samsung hasn’t offered any information regarding price, but it seems the SBH-300 will be available for pre-order in April… and probably only in Korea.

Dallab DX8: a PDA enabled phone with the digital keyboard

“The Malaysian company Dallab has introduced a PDA-enabled phone called Dallab DX8. It is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC. It has both the touchscreen LCD and the digital keyboard, which is unusual for the devices of this class. The device is positioned as the first PDA-enabled phone under the Malaysian brand and also as the smallest PDA-phone with the built-in digital keyboard. There is no info, whether Dallab DX8 will appear outside the Asian market, so far.The specs of Dallab DX8:
Standards GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), GPRS and EDGE
Processor Intel PXA272 416 MHz
64 MB RAM and 128 MB flash-memory
2.2” touchscreen TFT LCD, QVGA (240×320 pixels), 262K colors
1.3-megapixel camera
Wi-Fi (802.11b), Bluetooth and IrDA
Slot for miniSD cards
Talk time – 4 hours
Standby time – 120 hours
Li-Pol 1500 mAh battery
Dimensions – 113x50x22 mm” via

Review GSM/UMTS smartphone Sony Ericsson M600

“The handset is available in two color schemes – Granite Black and Crystal White. Measuring 107х57х15 mm, the device can be justly considered as a bearer of the very minimal thickness, and as a result, a product residing in the “slim” line-up. Its weight is 112 grams, which is also acceptable. The main material the casing is made of is plastic, similar to the other products by the company quality wise (e.g. Sony Ericsson K750i). This lets us assume that the majority of users won’t have any problems with the wearing out of the surface; nevertheless, active users like me will face this problem after 6-7 months of usage (scratches etc.).” Read the review of this GREAT phone here:

Croker for Palm OS just updated to v1.2

Croker is another fun & addicting game by CrazySoft. It is based on the ‘Poker’ idea twisted into a unique and completely new kind of gaming. Once you give it a try it will suck you in for sure!• Game Objective:You must make groups of cards:1) 2 pairs (2+2)2) 3 of the kind (3)3) Full house (3+2)4) 4 of the kind (4)These groups are made like in Poker. Once the groups are made the cards are replaced by new ones and points/life earned.• How to play:The are 5 cards open. Flip the cards you want to replace by clicking on them and on the button ‘Deal’. The more you flip the more life you lose. Once you life is over the game ends.— 31/Mar/2006 Update to v1.2 —* Redraw issue fixed when receiving call in Treo 650/600. Check it here:

Obopay Unveils its Mobile Payment Service in US

“Obopay today officially unveiled the first complete mobile payment service ever offered in the United States and its service will be a milestone in a transformation in financial services that will make the mobile phone the central device consumers use to make purchases and share money.Obopay is capable for the person-to-person transfer of money on the mobile device and the ability to get instant access to money on the phone with a companion debit card. The card can also be used at any retail establishment that accepts MasterCard. Consumers can begin downloading the service to their wireless handsets on April 15.Once consumers download Obopay, they will be able to manage their entire account from the mobile device — transferring money, checking their balance, reviewing their transaction history and more. Obopay also said it is currently engaged in working trials with major wireless carrier companies and expects to complete those trials and the ensuing qualification programs in time to be offered by major wireless operators before the end of the year.” Find out more at