OfficeSuite S60 review!

Microsoft Puts SideShow on Media Center Remote Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “First impressions are very good, with all, repeat all my test files accepted and loaded with no errors whatsoever. After frustration with other suites on both S60 and UIQ, this catch-all compatibility with the likes of Open Office and the vaguaries of Microsoft’s ever-changing .DOC ‘standard’ is a welcome surprise.Second impressions are also very good. Word documents load with more or less full formatting, including all text effects, inline pictures and formatting, although tables are shown without cell formatting. By default, documents are shown in ‘View’ mode, highlights of which are searching, bookmarks and a variety of zoom levels, all of which work very well. There’s a ‘Word count’ function, too, essential to wizzened hacks like me.” Read this review here:

Sony CEP MP3 players with color OLED, MP3/WMA

“Finally, Sony decided to make MP3 player with color display! Sony China has introduced the new CE-P series that features an 1.5″ 260K color OLED display. The new MP3 player is also the first model that design by Sony China Creative Center based in Shanghai. Other features include MP3/WMA playback, build-in FM tuner, FM recording, voice recording, BMP/JPEG display and so on.There are 3 models in new CE-P series, which are:
CE-P17: 1GB, black and gold color, RMB1199 (approx US$150)
CE-P15: 512MB, black, silver and red color, RMB999 (approx US$125)
CE-P13: 256MB, black, silver and red color, RMB799 (approx US$100)
The gold color CE-P17 will be only available in Sony Style stores.” via

The line of smartphones and PDA enabled phones by TFW

“Currently only the Taiwanese company HTC (High Tech Computer) is releasing the most of new smartphones and communicators based on Windows Mobile. The devices on HTC platforms appear under various brands. However the situation might be changed in a while, as ever more companies voice themselves in this sphere. For example, in the Internet appeared some info that the Chinese company TFW (Tech Faith Wireless) developed several interesting models powered by Windows Mobile 5.0. These are several PDA with 2-megapixel cameras, one in the slider form and a pair of smartphones, one of them resembling Motorola SLVR L6 and L7 handsets. TFW is an OEM and ODM maker, so these models will be released under quite different brands.”

Robot Panic for Palm OS just updated to v2.2

“You are a factory worker and your job is to complete the unfinished robots until they reach a robot checker. You are standing on a platform above the passing by unfinished robots. You have to complete the parts they are missing (e.g. A head might be missing) by just dropping them. A complete robot must have: Body, left hand, right hand, head.• How to play:To drop a Robot part you must stand on it by moving the ‘worker’ with either the Pen Stylus or the Hard Keys (Palm Joystick) and click on the Robot Part you wish to drop or push the hard button.”— 03/Apr/2006 Update to v2.2 —* Redraw issue fixed when receiving call in Treo 650/600. Check it here: