The Linux based Motorola A780 PDA Phone Review

Microsoft Puts SideShow on Media Center Remote Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “When you flip the phone open, you are presented with the PDA functionality. The A780 is built upon the 2.4.20 Linux kernel and then from the ground up using the Qt toolkit. Its closed-source graphical framework is called EZX. In the main display you get 4 big icons (application list, contact list, SMS/MMS client and a virtual numeric pad to make a call), a service line similar to the one described above, business meetings list and 4 shortcuts to apps (ring profiles, Opera, Real Player, Picsel Viewer and Bluetooth). There are a number of PDA-like applications included in the phone by default, some of these include a file manager (which I like very much), tasks, notes (can read .txt files too), alarms, clock application monitoring up to 3 timezones, calendar that supports events, pop3/imap email (no support for Gmail though), a calculator, the Opera browser, Real Player (supports mp4, 3gp and rm videos), camera and video capture, a drawing application, a voice recorder (in AMR format), Wireless Village IM, SyncML, Call history, VPN client, an STK and modem utility, 3 java games, a Chinese-to-english dictionary and of course, the system’s settings. In these settings you will find preference panels for customizing your ringtomes (you can set different ringtones for IM, phone calls, SMS etc), your wallpaper, the color theme, text size, language, voice command (no training required, but the feature didn’t prove very reliable), screen backlighting, GPRS settings, power management, keylock settings, and input setup (choose between two Asian languages or English virtual keyboards, a numeric keypad, or handwriting). Both the handwriting and virtual keyboard has predictive text support which we found sufficient. There is no way that even a world champion in T9/iTap will be able to type faster than you could with the A780’s virtual keyboard.” This this nice review here:

Hand Reading Pro for Palm OS just updated to v1.1

“It’s all in your hands!” This hand reading software will guide you to self-understanding with many simple and entertaining image tests.Learn Hand Analysis / Reading with your PDA. Surprise and impress your friends. Discover more about yourself. Entertain your family or even read other people’s hands and know more about them.It is fun!!!Analyze you Palm / Fingers and discover everything about you & your inner thoughts. How to read palms the different lines and their meanings, hand shapes, fingers shapes, health carreer & love in your palms.— 08/Apr/2006 Update to v1.1 —* Redraw issue fixed when receiving call in Treo 650/600. Check it here:

Medieval Heroes II (Low Res version) is out for Palm OS!

“Medieval Heroes II is a game of empire building and turn-based battles set in the Middle Ages.As one of the medieval lords, you will engage in combat with surrounding provinces in an attempt to unite Medieval Europe under your leadership. Design and govern your army, engage in battles, build castles, spy on your enemies, and conquer their domains!The game area consists of a great number of provinces. At the beginning, you control some of these provinces. Every province gives some resources (gold, metal and stone) to you.You can spend collected resources on recruiting new troops and capture new territories with their help. You can use your special forces for scouting, robbing and assassinating your enemies.You can also build castles, fortify them, and build additional buildings like markets or banks. During the game your hero will get experience and you can improve his skills.Your goal is to unite all of the provinces under your control!”

5 missions with different map sizes
4 difficulty levels
10 types of units
Up to 6 players in the game
Hotseat multiplayer game
Turn-based battles (Heroes of Might & Magic-style)
RPG-style Skills and Experience points
Secret operations – Assasination, Robbery and Scouting
Ability to build castles and other structures like banks or markets
Ability to install additional missions
Hall Of Fame
High quality graphics and sound effects
Free Map Editor
System Requirements
PalmOS 5.0 or higher
8-bit or 16-bit color low resolution display (160×160)
2.0 Mb of free storage memory or 2.6 Mb for version with additional music Check this great game here:

The Lenovo i921 PDA phone

“Lenovo gained worldwide brand awareness for their takeover of IBM’s comsumer PC and notebook division, but in China they are also known for their phones. This is their latest one, the i921. It seems to run on WM5, but I can’t get any certainty on that. It does have a QVGA screen, it operates on GSM frequencies, and the phone packs Bluetooth, a 2MP camera and a MiniSD slot in its 103.3×50.8×21.4mm and 123g casing.” via