Freedom Mini Keyboard review

“The Freedom Mini Keyboard is certainly an interesting form factor, being the same linear dimensions as a credit card, although it’s far thicker than it needs to be. This is partly because it has been designed around two AAA batteries, the thickness of which rather limits how thin the accessory can be. Behind the battery hump on the rear, a lot of the volume is taken up by a gimmicky sprung grip. The idea is to hold your smartphone steady within its clutches, with the keyboard appearing as an over-sized thumbboard, but in practice the pressure of the grip was more than enough to set keys a-pressing on each S60 smartphone I tried it with. Maybe the grip would work better with traditional PDAs with rigid sides and no keys.” Read this nice review at

T Mobile SDA Smartphone Review at

Microsoft Puts SideShow on Media Center Remote Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “The Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition isn’t nearly as much like Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs as you would expect, given the name and the fact that there’s some application compatibility. The WMS flavor operates more like a phone, with a lot of numeric keypad shortcuts. These aren’t required to operate it; you can do pretty much anything with just the main buttons and joystick, but using the shortcuts can dramatically speed up operations. If you went at the device cold, and ignored the names of things like the “Start Menu” and Internet Explorer, you might never notice that the two interfaces are related.While Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC can run Smartphone applications, the reverse isn’t true. If you try to install a PPC application onto the Smartphone, either manually or using an install file, you’ll get a message saying that it’s not compatible. Only apps which are specifically Smartphone compatible will operate.The SDA also comes with the ability to run simple Java applications, called “midlets,” the kind that you find on ordinary phones. I tested it with Opera Mini, as well Google Local. Both ran satisfactorily.” Read this review here:

BlackBerry Connect for Palm Treo 650 available in Singapore

“SingTel, Palm, and Research In Motion (RIM) today announced the first availability of BlackBerry Connect for the Palm Treo 650 smartphoneBlackBerry Connect for the Treo 650 smartphone enables users to benefit from many popular features of the BlackBerry “push”-based architecture via BlackBerry Enterprise Server. For corporate customers, BlackBerry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino and works with existing enterprise systems to enable secure, push-based wireless access to email and other corporate data.BlackBerry Connect for the Treo 650 smartphone supports the following features: “Push” Corporate Email delivers messages automatically — and wirelessly — to the Treo 650 smartphone’s VersaMail(R) inbox. Changes to the inbox, including read/unread status and deletion, are automatically synchronized between the user’s PC and the Treo 650. Wireless Calendar Synchronization keeps the Treo 650 smartphone’s built-in Calendar up to date remotely, allowing users to receive, accept or decline meeting requests on the go. Attachment Viewing lets users view Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents while on the road. Remote Address Lookup (RAL) allows users to search their corporate directory wirelessly for email addresses without the need to download every name to the Treo 650. Extends the benefits of BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the Treo 650, including centralized device management; IT policies, such as over-the-air device disablement and password device lock; and Triple DES encryption, supporting end-to-end security.The award-winning Palm Treo 650 smartphone makes it easier than ever for mobile professionals to stay connected. The Treo 650 combines a compact, full-featured mobile phone with email, an organizer, messaging and web access, allowing users to organize and simplify their business and personal lives all in one place.” via

New Xda Mini S System Software Update with AKU 2

“The latest Xda Mini S System Software is available for you to download. New and changed in this version of software, v2.21.4.101 are: Microsoft AKU 2 (Adaptation Kit Update) featuring:Microsoft Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP)* allowing Direct Push Email, Wireless Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Global Address List (GAL) Lookup and Security Policies.* Requires organisations to be running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and SP2. Please contact your company IT Manager to confirm your infrastructure and for assistance with setting up your device for direct push email. Updated Comm Manager, providing new buttons for controlling Direct Push Mail and active Data connections. Updated Radio v02.07.10 Updated O2 Active UI ” Check it here: