Big review of Qtek 9100 (codename HTC Wizard)

“The front panel is dominated by a 2.8-inch (71-milimetre) display. Below are several controls: a directional control of irregular shape with an independent central button, phone-related buttons (call make and break), and two soft buttons configurable to use with Windows Mobile 5 and compatible applications. Above the display are another two user-definable buttons that can be assigned one action each, and a loudspeaker grill with two elongated LED indicators of different colours. All the buttons can be locked against accidental activation in two modes: either always when in the sleep mode, or manually. My feelings about the controls are rather mixed. The cursor control is fine. It supports diagonal directions and a depression in the middle makes it comfortable and accurate. The two soft buttons in the lower part are more problematic. They are very narrow and located just above the cursor control and phone buttons. That is why I have often redialled the last dialled number instead of launching calendar, or activated the Phone application menu instead of hanging up. Similar problems arouse in games. It is possible to configure the soft buttons to control an aircraft or another vehicle but it required great concentration to press the left button repeatedly. In other words, the controls are not ideal for my fingers (the other two buttons above the display make little difference).” Read this review at

Nokia 3250 review at

Nokia 3250 “The most unique feature of the 130 g Rocky Horror Show that is the 3250 is its innovative swiveling keypad, which rotates hundred-and-eighty degrees to pop the handset into music mode, simultaneously revealing four large hard buttons for track management. Sadly, skipping tracks as well as forwarding and rewarding through songs proved to be molasses-like experiences, even though the 3250 relies on an otherwise snappy 512 MB microSD card for storage. Said card, coincidentally, is so ridiculously small one should never ever make any sort of attempt at exchanging it whilst on the move or showing it to children at the risk of losing it forever.” Check this review here:

AKU 2 ROM updates for Qtek 9100 & 9000 available!

Microsoft Puts SideShow on Media Center Remote Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “This ROM update offers both Messaging & Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 and new applications that you may find in the AKU 2 upgrade for your device. The new Messaging & Security Feature Pack enables business users to easily stay connected to their Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile information while on the go and helps businesses to better protect e-mails.It works well with Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) to deliver a direct, scalable and cost-effective mobile messaging solution. This document explains how to use the new and enhanced features on Pocket PC Phone offered by this Feature Pack . The Comm Manager, which is enhanced, will also be discussed in this document.You can download the updates if you login to the member area of this website.”

VideoTones: Version 1.0 for Treo 600/650

“Simple, robust and powerful mp3/wav/ogg/avi ringtone manager for the Treo600/650. You can assign different ringtones to different people in your Contacts and Contact Groups. VideoTones has built in support for uncompressed wav file and mp3/ogg sound files and native support for AVI movies. VideoTones now includes North America area codes so you can see where the call is coming from. Features Comes with VideoTones library for wav/mp3/ogg/avi files Plays all native AVI files with video and sounds Assign individual sound files to Contact Assign group sound files to Contact Volume setting to ensure you will hear the ringtone Convert sound files from external card to RAM Incoming log files Includes North America cities. See where the caller is calling from Easily do a soft reset in VideoTones Very simple User Interface ” Check it here:

Woodi CA C360, the pocket MP3 player

Microsoft Puts SideShow on Media Center Remote Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “The Korean company Woodi presents a new MP3 player with a large control screen (1.8″) in its 39x54x11mm and 34g casing. This player supports MP3, WMA, ASF, MTX and WAV files. On top of that you also get a FM tuner and you can also record the voice, FM or whatever can be plugged into the Line-In port. Capacities range from 256Mb to 1GB.” via

Skype now available for Palm OS

“EQO Communications has announced immediate availability of EQO Mobile for Skype. This move finally brings the ability for the Palm OS and Treo smartphones to take advantage of Skype Internet telephony for mobile voice communications. EQO Mobile for Skype lets users make and receive calls, send Instant Messages, and view presence information about their buddies over the Skype network. It is available for free to consumers as a Beta product via the EQO (pronounced “echo”) web site. To get started you need a Skype account, a Palm OS device that can connect to the internet, Windows XP/2000 and a broadband connection. EQO states the Treo 650, 600 and 700w are supported devices. With this announcement, made at the CTIA Wireless 2006 conference, EQO brings the number of EQO-supported handset models to more than 45, including some of the most popular devices from Nokia, Motorola, Palm, and Sony-Ericsson. “We’ve built a platform and a solution that is both flexible and adaptable,” said Colin Quon, Founder and CTO of EQO. “This enables us to respond quickly to customer demand in expanding support for new and popular phone models as they hit the streets.” Using a combination of a phone-resident J2ME client and a presence-enabled Voice-over-IP (VoIP) signaling network, the EQO Mobile Internet Phone Service is able to bridge online identity, VoIP calling, and Instant Messaging services to more than 200 million J2ME-capable mobile phone handsets already in use worldwide. With more than 74 million registered users, Skype is the dominant player in Internet calling and Instant Messaging communications services worldwide. While the company is working with Skype to improve this solution, EQO has built the foundation to extend presence-enabled voice and instant messaging to mobile devices in partnership with other high-profile online communities, instant messaging networks, and wireless carriers. ” via

Virgin Mobile released Kyocera Switch Back handset for young people

“The American operator Virgin Mobile and Kyocera Wireless have released the Switch Back, a mobile phone aimed at the young people. It features interesting design slightly resembling the matryoshka. This is a folding phone with landscape orientation, there is a QWERTY-keyboard inside for a more comfortable text input. When the phone is folded up, you can access an ordinary digital keyboard.An internal LCD is landscape oriented for better viewing of content and playing games. The phone supports AOL Instant Messenger service. The sales will start in April. The recommended price makes up $149.99. The specs of Kyocera Switch Back: External LCD: 128×128 pixels, 65K colors Internal LCD: 128×160 pixels, 65K colors VGA-camera with 5x digital zoom Speakerphone WAP 2.0 Organizer, Calculator, Alarm Clock and Stopwatch Weight – 113.4 g” via