Dopod S300: an ultra slim WM 5.0 smartphone in Asia

“The Taiwanese company Dopod International has announced the release of an ultra slim smartphone Dopod S300. It’s a clamshell 15.8 mm thick. The smartphone is based on HTC Star Track. I’d remind you that the other implementation of the platform was shown at 3GSM Congress by I-mate – I-mate Smartflip.It is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition and supports Microsoft Push Mail. There are music control buttons on the front panel.Despite of Windows-smartphone functionality it can rival with Motorola RAZR phones in thickness and some other features. Until April 26 it can be ordered only in the online shop PCHome.The specs of Dopod S300: GSM(850/900/1800/1900 MHz), GPRS and EDGE 2.2” internal TFT LCD, QVGA (240×320 pixels), 65K colors 1.2” external TFTLCD, 128×128 pixels, 65K colors 1.3-megapixel camera TI OMAP 850 processor 64 MB RAM and 64 MB flash memory Slot for microSD cards (up to 1 GB) Bluetooth 1.2 and USB 1.1 Talk time – from 2.5 to 5 hours Standby time – from 100 to 150 hours Dimensions 98.5×51.4×15.8 mm Weight – 99 g

Emblaze unleashes emoze,first free Push Email for ANY device

“Emblaze launched emoze, the world’s first free and secure “push” email and PIM service. With emoze Personal Edition, anyone with a compatible mobile phone can receive work or home emails and Personal Information Manager (PIM) data such as contacts and diary scheduling on their mobile phone or PDA on the move, anywhere in the world. The technology itself is built to support any mobile device. Current release works with all Microsoft PocketPC or Symbian devices such as Nokia 6630 and Nokia 6680. Within the next few months emoze will cover the vast majority of remaining mobile devices and will keep maintaining and adapting the service for all newly emerging mobile devices over time.As a REAL ‘push’ email service, emoze will automatically push your emails and PIM data to your phone as soon as it is sent to you without you having to pro-actively connect to a service every time you want to send or receive. For the past few years, this type of service has been available mainly in a very costly package and mostly restricted to a specific hardware and software platforms such as the Blackberry and thus limiting mass market adoption. emoze removes such barriers with a totally free, simple, flexible, and secure service, creating significant savings for corporate users and consumers alike. To use emoze all you need to have is an email account and a compatible device; the interface will be familiar to anyone who’s used a traditional email program. The emoze software can be downloaded free from and set up quickly and simply. emoze currently works with any Microsoft Mobile or Symbian device with a GPRS or other data connection, with Microsoft Outlook and POP3 online email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail. Within months, emoze will be available for Corporate Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino servers without the need of PC based on-line software. emoze currently supports all major brands including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others. Over the time, Emblaze will continue to adapt emoze to cover the ever-growing range of devices and models. Over the next few months support will be expanded to include Palm devices and MacOS & Linux platforms. The service is available on any wireless GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi network including 2.5G and 3G such as WCDMA/UMTS, CDMA2000, 802.xx, Wi-Max, GPRS (2.5G), EDGE, CDMA 1xRTT, CDMA 1xEVDO and many others.”

Samsung UMPC heading stateside next month

“We caught our first glimpse of the Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC back in March at the CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany. Since then, news has been pouring in fast and furious regarding the Origami Project device. Other manufacturers are making UMPCs as well, but the Samsung device is garnering the most media attention (for whatever reason). Today is no different.Word is that Samsung is planning a May 1 launch for its Q1 UMPC in the American market, to be kicked off by an event in San Francisco. While we originally hoped that the tablet PC-esque gadget based on the Microsoft Origami concept would be priced in the $500 range, but if recent reports are any indication, it may be some time before you can get your hands on the Samsung UMPC for that price. In Korea, the Q1 will be retailing for $2000 with bundled accessories.Look for an official announcement from Samsung regarding an American price point in the coming days.” via

Foxit Pocket PC PDF Reader (Beta)

“Foxit Reader for Pocket PC is a reader for PDF (eBook) documents on Pocket PC. It supports Pocket PC 2003 or later.Foxit Reader PPC is small (the download size is less than 1MB), so you can download it quickly. You don’t need any installation, just unzip it on your desktop PC and copy it over to your device.Foxit Reader PPC supports almost all PDF features supported by desktop version of Foxit Reader, except JPEG2000 or JBIG2 encoded images, and ICC color profiles. However these modules can be added on later for OEM licensees.Foxit Reader PPC has a small footprint (about 1.4MB), and consumes little memory compared to any other PDF readers on PPC platform. 14 standard Latin fonts are also included in the package. ” Check it here: