LG F9200 review at infosyncworld

” The F9200 regains some ground with its strong messaging features. In addition to the typical SMS and MMS messaging, the phone comes with an instant-messaging client that supports AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo IM, ICQ, and Cingular’s own messaging service. The app lets you view and edit your buddy list and tweak your privacy options, and your IM sessions will run in the background while you’re on a call or using the handset’s other features – unfortunately, you can only sign onto one IM service at a time. Meanwhile, e-mail addicts can use the F9200’s Mobile E-Mail feature to access their Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Hotmail accounts. (Our review unit suffered from e-mail glitches at press time, but LG assured us that the problem was specific to our handset; we’ll check back soon with more details.) ” Read this review here:

Astrology & Horoscopes Pro is out for PPC (4$ discount)

HandAstrology & Horoscope Pro is a professional program which uses astrology to advice you about matchmaking by sign, your 2006 horoscope, detailed zodiac sign analysis and numerology by your birthdate/birthday.Astrology & Horoscope Pro Features:1) Tuned for 2003, 2003SE and 2005 devices.2) VGA, QVGA and Square (240×240. Eg: Treo 700w)3) Fully supports all newest pdas. (Treo 700w, VGA, WM2005)CRAZYSOFT OFFER:4$ discount until 28/April/2006 (7 days)Normal price: $16.95With 4$ discount: $12.95Click here to download free trialClick here to buy with only 12.95$Click here for more information:

BUBBLE SHIP BOY for Palm OS is out!

Windows Mobile“Bubble Ship Boy is a genre-forming, Bite-Size Epic mobile arcade game with daringly original gameplay, and an entertaining story.Buy it now for your Treo 650 smartphone or high-resolution Palm PDA!In Bubble Ship Boy, you play the role of n-droo, a lovable alien from the planet Velition who unwittingly finds himself in an unarmed scout ship and on the trail of Deek Furple, a mischievous purple alien boy. Bubble Ship Boy is an original Palm game with simple, 80’s inspired arcade gameplay, full screen cut scene stills woven throughout, and modern graphics. Once the required playing skills have been attained, an entire action quest can be played to completion in about 6 minutes! It is designed for play on mobile devices, such as the PalmOne Treo 650 smartphone or Tungsten line of Palm PDAs.” Check it here:

Sony PSP Core in white now available

“If you’re tired of being like everyone else and strolling down the street playing a rehashed PS2 title on your black Sony PlayStation Portable, you’ll be happy to hear that the iPod white-like version is now available to you, the North American consumer. Don’t start running to your closest Wal-Mart or Best Buy just yet, however, because you’ll still need to import the little white devil.While the street price for the White PSP-1000 CW in Japan is a mere $175, because you live here in the not-so-privileged continent of North America, you’ll have to fork over $210 to the good people at Play-Asia to get your hands on one. It’s just the core unit, so you won’t get any of the special accessories and whatnot that come bundled in some value packs on the market.It’s still not that bad of a deal, considering the standard issue black Sony PSP Core goes for $200 at most retailers, so you are only putting up a $10 premium to stand out from the crowd. In related news, the Nintendo DS Lite is available in all three colors through Lik-Sang.” via mobilemag.com