“Hollywood” Treo will hit Vodaphone in July

“The analyst I know spoke with Palm management this week and shared with me that Palm expects to release a new “antenna-less” Treo in July on Vodaphone’s network. This matches the description we’d previously been given of the Treo product codenamed “Hollywood.” This is expected to run Windows Mobile and (my best guess) will have a 3G (HSDPA) radio. My informant says it will be released with a big media fanfare in five markets.Palm is on track for the announced four 2006 Treo releases, but it sounds like Treo #4, previously thought to be a lower cost Treo codenamed “Low Rider” may be something different now. My confidential source said that his contact at Palm spoke of a Treo that (in my interpretation) matched the description we had for Low Rider, but said it would be released in 2007.More details, as usual, can be found on this blog: http://www.pikesoft.com/blog/index.php?itemid=67” via mobileread.com

Top secret: Motorola RAZR Canary, rumors

“In the Internet appear another rumors based on a leaked photo of the next would-be RAZR-phone under the code name Motorola RAZR Canary. There is still no info about the model except for the photo of the phone in closed mode.We hope this time Motorola will surprise us with something original instead of another copy of the keyboard design. The distinction we see at once is the mirror surface of this clamshell.” via mobile-review.com