Vavilon Expansion 1.0 is out for Palm OS!

Windows Mobile“Bellennium Mobile Solutions is glad to present you Valilon Expansion, its very first Palm OS game, which has already gained enormous popularity among customers all over the world. This game returns you to ancient times of Babylon kingdom prosperity. You are a ruler of small people, which is destined to enter into struggle for existence, and result of this battle lays exclusively in your power. You will build and develop new villages, defend them from enemy troops and create your own army to conquer new lands and riches. What will the mysterious sands of Messopotamia bring to you, luck or misfortune? Now this depends only on you.A real break-through in strategy games for Palm OS. Advanced economy and homeland management, diplomacy, 15+ types of troops and real-time battles – all is included. Add brilliant graphics, sound effects, possibility to create own campaigns and definitely strong AI, and you will receive a remote conception about Vavilon Expansion for Palm OS.” Check this GREAT game here:

Blockeroo freeware multiplayer Bluetooth game for Symbian

“Blockeroo is a free, multiplayer puzzle game for Series 60 mobile phones. It differs from other similar puzzle games in three ways:
Blockeroo is primarily a multiplayer game. You can play in single player or practice mode, but the multiplayer game is much more fun.
Blockeroo allows you to compete against 3 human opponents over Bluetooth. In fact, the game allows you to select 7 human opponents but due to the limitations of bluetooth you are likely to experience considerable network lag if you challenge more than 3 humans simultaneously.
Blockeroo contains some cunning artificial intelligence that allows you to play against bots (algorithms that play Blockeroo without human intervention). Consequently, the multiplayer game can still be enjoyed even if you have no friends with Series 60 devices or indeed no friends”. Check it here:

Review: Sony Ericsson's Fabulous W810i

“Physically, the W810 is about the same size and shape as the W800 before it. It weighs 98.8g (3.5oz) with SIM and memory card and measures 100mm x 46mm x 19mm (3.9″ x 1.8″ x .75″) in size. The new keypad design is not all that different from that found in the W800, except that there is now space between each column of keys as well as each row. This makes the new keys a bit smaller, but realistically has no impact at all on usability. The new control cluster underneath the display has changed quite a bit, though. The joystick has been replaced with a reasonable d-pad that has been marked for music control. The left and right softkeys share a piece of plastic with the back and clear keys, respectively. The lone Walkman button of the W800 has been replaced by matching Walkman and Shortcut keys on either side, a nice addition. Overall feel and action from all of the controls is good, but the key clusters on either side of the d-pad are a bit cramped for my liking, and I also prefer a good joystick to a good d-pad any day of the week.” Read this BIG review here:

Review PDA Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N500/N520

“Let’s talk about changes in the appearance, in fact, they are mostly cosmetic and do not affect the perception of the model. Two LED indicators are placed on both sides of the top part, the buttons and their ergonomics have not changed, only the color got dark. In general, the model can be called suitable for playing games. Despite of unusual form, the buttons and the joystick have average keystroke and exact feedback when pressed. Both of them have pleasant blue backlight. The loudspeaker integrated into the joystick “yells” at the maximum volume (hard to pick up another word). The commercial version has a quieter speaker, but it’s no longer creaking.” Read this great review here: