Acer d150 Portable Navigator Review

“As with other portable in-car sat-nav, the d150 is designed to work out of the box, However, it’s certainly not as slick looking as its competitors. The housing is large, bulky and a frankly a bit ugly. The 3.5in, 320 x 240 resolution screen is surrounded by a seemingly oversized bezel, and the buttons on the fascia have a loose feel to them. In particular, the central joystick generally doesn’t sit straight most of the time, which gives the whole thing a rather cheap feel to it.However, the buttons do mean you have direct access to volume controls, whereas on the TomTom you have to touch the screen first. The joystick can be used to move through menus and scroll around the map, and the Plus and Minus buttons are used for zooming in and out. On the right, one of the buttons brings up the map options, while the other takes you to a separate main menu for the device.” Check out this review at

Review of GSM handset Voxtel BD50

“The BD50 reminds more of a very portable PDA, rather than an ordinary handset, so that only pick/hang up keys and the speakerphone, located above the display, let out the fact it’s a cell phone. Measuring only 93.5×48.7×16.8 mm in size and weighting 89 grams, the handset easily slips in both trousers’ and shirt’s pocket. Yet the abovementioned dimensions are somewhat common for this kind of devices, for example Fly X7 measures 88х51х15 mm and weights 76 grams; Haier M230 – 89x55x14.4 mm and 93 grams. Therefore it would be a mistake to imply that the model by Voxtel stands out against the background of other competing phones. On the one hand, the device fits in palm nicely, though after prolonged conversations, you might feel discomfort due to the handset being a bit too wide. But I guess it’s all about getting used to it, as once you’ve played with the phone around for a while, the problem disappears by itself.” Read this nice review here:

IXI Mobile Announces Availability of Ogo CT17

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., 26 April 2006 – IXI Mobile, Inc., developer of the Ogo family of mobile messaging solutions for the mass market, today announced the availability of its latest Ogo device. The Ogo CT-17 was launched initially in Germany by 1&1, the leading Internet provider in Europe, in conjunction with Vodafone Germany.
Amit Haller, Co-Founder, President and CEO of IXI Mobile, said, “We are pleased to extend our product line to include the Ogo CT-17. Our customers are looking for new ways to deliver value added mobile services, and we feel that the CT-17 continues the tradition of delivering affordable, innovative products for the mass market.”
Based on the same principles as previous Ogo devices, including ease-of-use and affordability, the Ogo CT-17 is a mass market mobile messaging device that delivers many of the most popular desktop and mobile applications, including instant messaging (IM), email, news, SMS, voice and Web browsing. For an improved email experience, the Ogo CT-17’s email offering includes POP3 and IMAP email access, as well as attachment viewing. The device includes an RSS reader, facilitating access to the latest breaking news. The browser, supporting WAP and HTML browsing, optimizes Web pages for ease of display and navigation. The device also delivers mobile voice, via a Bluetooth or wired headset. For productivity and scheduling, the Ogo CT-17 includes an easy-to-use calendar application.
The Ogo CT-17 is customizable and can be tailored to meet customer requirements. The Ogo CT-17’s applications and graphical user interface (GUI) can be tailored to address user experience and branding needs. For IM and email, the Ogo CT-17 can fully interoperate with leading portals, as well as other communities. The Ogo CT-17 is now available worldwide.
Clamshell design with large, horizontal color screen
QWERTY keypad with 8-way navigation key and dedicated “hot keys” for easy navigation
Compact size: 114 mm X 25 mm (closed)
Special “hot keys” for simple navigation
Instant messaging (IM) on MSN Messenger or other IM communities
Email – dedicated support for MSN Hotmail; POP3 and IMAP email; attachment viewing; SSL support
Configuration wizard with preconfigured email setups
Text Messaging (SMS) – dedicated keyboard and full-size screen
One button display for all active messages and chats on one screen
Consolidated inbox – view all email and text messages in one mailbox, or sort by account
Web Browser – HTML and WAP
RSS – dedicated reader with configurable channels; great for breaking news
Calendar and Contacts
Synchronization of Calendar and Contacts via Bluetooth or USB cable (optional kit)
Voice – via Bluetooth or wired headset
To support Ogo deployments, IXI Mobile provides a turn-key solution, including the device, all necessary gateways and backend servers, launch services, and over-the-air (OTA) provisioning and upgrade services. All services are designed to manage significant throughput and deliver a high quality of service, providing a carrier grade hosted solution.
Ogo was launched in the United States by AT&T Wireless, in Switzerland by Swisscom Mobile, the leading mobile operator in Switzerland, in Turkey by, a leading ISP in Turkey and part of Turkey’s leading media-entertainment conglomerate, and in Germany by 1&1, the leading Internet provider in Europe, in conjunction with Vodafone Germany.

Hand Reading Pro for PPCs updated to v1.1

Hand“It’s all in your hands!” This hand reading software will guide you to self-understanding with many simple and entertaining image tests. Learn Hand Analysis / Reading with your PDA. Surprise and impress your friends. Discover more about yourself. Entertain your family or even read other people’s hands and know more about them.Hand Reading Pro Features:1) Tuned for 2003, 2003SE and 2005 devices.1) VGA, QVGA and Square (240×240. Eg: Treo 700w) resolutions.2) You can set up to 3 completely different users at the same time!3) Fully supports all newest pdas. (Treo 700w, VGA, WM2005)—27/Apr/2006 UPDATE (1.1) —* Redraw issue fixed when receiving call* Other redraw issues fixed* Scroll up/down the text boxes with hard keys* Bugs fixed.” Check it here: