Jabra BT620s stereo Bluetooth headset review

Jabra BT620s ” Naturally, the latter four abilities suggest the BT620s isn’t content merely with streaming audio in stereo – which it does very well indeed – but also supports the Handsfree profile which enables the headset to pull double duty as a wireless handsfree kit for the vast majority of recent phones. Courtesy of an integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor), the BT620s also makes a decent stab at noice cancellation, and although audiophiles may frown upon its general audio quality it will suffice nicely for most everyone with good performance both in the high and low frequency ranges.” Read this review at infosyncworld.com

mOcean Music Player is out for Palm OS

Hand“MP3 experience like never before!Listen to your MP3 collection on your Treo in a completely new way! mOcean is a truly portable MP3 player that you can use in 3 different ways guaranteeing maximum flexibility and entertainment: Mini wheel – quick action and compact use. Vertical mode – simplicity and efficiency. Classical – true, tested and familiar PalmOS user interface.”Check this nice program here: