Legend goes, GroupSense makes cool PalmOS GSM phones

“PALMOS IS ALIVE and kicking in Asia, even inside devices not from Palm Inc. There’s a pair of vendors selling since last year some very shiny and innovative smartphones based on the latest PalmOS 5.4 also known as “Garnet”: GroupSense Ltd. based in Hong Kong and also Qool Labs based in Singapore. However both companies have zero marketing in the U.S. and outside Asia, despite all these PalmOS Garnet models (QDA-700 from Qool Labs, Xplore M68 and M98 from GroupSense) shipping in dual language, that is with the capability to be configured to use English OR chinese.” Read this article at theinquirer.net

Nokia N91 Review Real World Usage

N91 Picture
“The phone is a little larger than the average modern smartphone, which is noticeable when comparing devices, but is less so in use. It is about 50g (almost 50%) heavier than the lightest smartphones, which may be an issue for some. The extra size and weight is probably mostly down to the inclusion of the 4GB hard drive. What it means is that the N91 is larger and heavier than some of the devices it will be competing against. Put it next to an iPod Nano and the N91 looks bulky, put it next to an N70 and it looks a little over sized, but put it next to a N70 and an iPod Nano rubber-banded together and it looks small! While I think the size will put some people off, I found the device perfectly comfortable to carry around in day to day use.” Read this great review at allaboutsymbian.com

Eye Fi embeds WiFi into your SD flash

Engadget has some great news about a new 1GB SD card with WIFI “Until now SD WiFi has come in the form of those oversized (well, relatively) cards too long to actually fit in your device except those specifically designed to take one, like Kodak’s Easy Share One, or Treo 650 / 700. Well, according to Eye-Fi, we can all scratch that problem off the list. By building their wireless into the flash of an SD card they can save on precious space, and also get a GB of memory in there too. Of course this won’t exactly help all those digital cameras out there that don’t even come close to supporting such a thing, but sometimes this kind of gear has to precede the hardware support in order to prove its own demand.”

Review: Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC

“The left is home to a small thumb activate joystick and an Auto Scaler button to quickly alter the resolution of the screen.The latter can adjust the resolution to 800 x 600 or 1,024 x 600, but it’s at its clearest at the native 800 x 480 setting.Over at the front right you’ll find a four-button Quick Launch pad (the function of each button can be customised), an Enter button and a Menu button to bring up Samsung’s shortcut screen.The bottom is home to a series of LED indicators and two microphones , while stereo speakers are sat at either side of the top.Further ports and switches are located around the edge of the Q1. The left side houses a mini Firewire, USB2 and headphone socket along with a volume control and hold button.” Read this review at pcw.co.uk