Frutakia for PPCs just updated to v1.5

“From the makers of ‘PaintBall’, a new, fun & extra addicting puzzle game that will also sucks you in and won’t let you go until you’ve wasted all of your time! ‘Frutakia’ uses the ‘casino slots idea’ and turns it into an original & fun game.• Game Objective:You must make groups of 3 or more same fruits/items at any direction! There are 5 different fruits and 2 different items. ‘Blanks’ can also appear.The ‘bell’ scores more points than the fruits and the ‘super item’ scores the most! 3 different gaming modes.EASY: Take your time and have fun.HARD: For those who like frantic fun.FRUTAKIA: Bet your points and win or lose everything!—05/May/2006 UPDATE (1.5) —* Redraw issue fixed when receiving call* Other redraw issues fixed* Export HiScores now recognises Square QVGA/VGA* Bugs fixed.” Check it here:

TabletKiosk Eo is shipping in the US now

“TabletKiosk, a leader in mobile PC computing solutions, today announced it has begun shipping eo, the new Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) which is the first UMPC device available in the US market. Powered by the 1.0GHz VIA C7-M ULV processor, a new ULV processor that provides longer battery life than traditional LV processors, eo was designed for ultimate productivity and convenience.“TabletKiosk is to be congratulated for leading the way in the US market for this new category of device. eo brings together the best aspects of the Tablet PC with ultra mobility, enhanced multimedia capabilities, and a full connectivity suite,” commented Epan Wu, Deputy Director, CPU Product Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Integrating the VIA UMPC platform, eo takes full advantage of the VIA C7-M ULV processor’s ultra low-power operation for longer battery life, while still maintaining robust performance for a full range of mobile applications.”eo comes equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition as well as with the new Microsoft Touch Pak. Standout features of Touch Pack include the easy-to-use Program Launcher and Dial Keys, which enable the user to input text directly onscreen with their thumbs.”We’re very excited to see the first Ultra-Mobile PCs become publicly available for consumers,” said Otto Berkes, general manager of the Ultra-Mobile PC team at Microsoft Corp. “The eo is a marriage of great hardware and powerful new software such as Microsoft Touch Pack that presents a new and exciting way for consumers to stay connected wherever they go.”With USB 2.0, wireless networking, Bluetooth connectivity, enhanced touch screen capabilities and voice recognition, eo was developed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s highly mobile population. Smaller than a typical day planner, eo fits easily into a backpack, handbag or briefcase and represents the new generation of mobile computing.eo is sold through the TabletKiosk website, as well as a vertically integrated reseller network. Due to overwhelming response after the launch announcement, the initial shipment of eo is entirely sold out. TabletKiosk is currently accepting orders for the second production run which is scheduled to ship at the end of May / beginning of June 2006.” via

Rechargeable AA Operated Motorola PVOT Phone

“Much more attention has been paid to accessing the rapidly growing phone market than there has been to designing practical and creative phones that meet a specific and unique demands of those markets. Motorola has done something very interesting in that regard with the new PVOT concept. It is designed to run on rechargeable AA batteries. A hand crank lets you recharge the batteries as you go – 25 cranks gives you one minute of talk time. The hand crank also has other practical functions. It folds down to be the microphone for the phone and contains a dot matrix LCD. The PVOT also has an Eraser Shield keypad. No word yet on whether this concept will ever make it into production, though it obviously will if it proves to be effective and profitable.” via