Nokia Announces the Internet Tablet 2006 OS Update

“Nokia announces today the 2006 OS update adding Google Talk(TM), a full screen finger keyboard, improved memory performance, and new refreshed look. Additional applets have also been added for faster access to internet services.The newly added Goolge Talk application will let Nokia 770 users chat and talk wirelessly with family, friends, and co-workers for free, via the Google Talk network as well as instant message other people on the Jabber/XMPP network. Nokia 770 users can now set the stylus aside and type with their fingers with the new full screen keyboard. This will enable faster typing and a better chatting experience. New themes have been added and a Google search applet has been included for easy searching.The Internet Tablet 2006 update will be available free for download for existing Nokia 770 owners second quarter of this year. New Nokia 770 owners will get the new 2006 OS pre-installed.” Find out more at

Review GSM/UMTS smartphone Nokia N93

“In Nokia’s context this reasoning should be considered in light of marketing policy of the manufacturer, implying that the company tries out its all-new solutions with so called Techi audience (high-tech gadgets lovers), and only the next generation delivers them to the mass market. The enthusiasts don’t demand much of the novelties when it comes to dimensions or weight. These consumers count on extra functionality and innovative capabilities – for that they will overlook every thing thaw would be unacceptable on the mass market. To make it clear, bring up Nokia N90 in your memory, a Nokia’s first handset to carry a 2 Mpix camera. After a while similar solutions, yet without auto-focus and plastic lens have become widespread over the Finnish manufacturer’s line-up. The inheritor of this product line is Nokia N73, offering a 3.2 Mpix camera, compact casing in candy-bar form-factor. The truth is, only these two are separated only by three years, but look at the distinctions. If the former handset was aimed at enthusiasts and could hardly meet the requirements of mass market, the latter one covers almost the entire audience and boasts of a portable shell.” Read this review at

Grundig Dreamphone G500i with linux

“The Grundig G500i Dreamphone is the first Linux-based iMode phone available in Europe, and the first of several planned Linux-based models. Two years in development, it is the result of a hardware design and Linux implementation from Purple Labs, and is available now in France.Purple Labs is located in the South of France, and is owned primarily by Vitelcom, a phone manufacturer in Spain that has rights to use the Grundig brand for mobile phones in Europe. The Grundig G500i has been available since March through Buoygues (pronounced “Bweeg”), a small French mobile carrier with about eight million subscribers. The G500i is a quad-band GSM/EDGE phone designed to work with iMode, an Internet-like packet-switched data service that delivers for-pay content using simplified Internet and Web protocols. iMode was created by NTT/DoCoMo; it launched in 2001 in Japan, where a claimed 30 percent of mobile phone owners now use it daily for traffic, weather, news, ringtones, messaging, Internet-compatible email, and multimedia content downloads that include streaming video and simultaneous song streaming/downloading.” Find out more about this nice looking phone at

How to get RSS on your phone

” Having climbed to fame in great part due to its symbiosis with blogs and podcasts, RSS inhibits the paradoxal state of being one of the Internet’s most-touted yet least used wunderkinds. Although not without flaws, its current embodiment as a plain-vanilla content delivery mechanism brings a universally understood e-mail like approach to news and alerts, letting users keep always up to speed on their favourite news sources. Here’s how to take it mobile.” Read this article at

Astrology & Horoscope Pro review at treonauts!

“I have however naturally remained curious about the Zodiac signs and for nearly two years I have been looking for a simple, complete and fun application for my Treo that would allow me to occasionally feed my astrological curiosity. I am glad to say that after this long search I finally came across Astrology & Horoscope Pro which I purchased barely a few hours after downloading the trial version – I found it to be absolutely terrific.Astrology & Horoscope Pro contains four sections (screenshot on the right) including: Matchmaker by Sign Horoscope 2006 Zodiac Signs NumerologyEach section opens to a detailed and complete overview which contain from four to ten screens of relevant information that I’ll cover more in depth below.” Read this nice review here:

Review GSM handset LG KG920

“Dimensions – 108.6×50.5×18.4 mm, weight is around – 140 grams. Rotating mechanism does not have backlash and safely fixed in extreme positions. Materials from which the case is made are top notch. Plastic reminds of one used in Sharp V902SH. After one and a half months of using this handset, it had no scratches or abrasions, that’s why we can say that even if you use this handset for a longer period of time, it will not disappoint you with abrasion edges. Metal plates are decorating display from the outside, as well as keypad. Besides this phone has another metal part, which is located nearby hole for the strap – shutter button. This button’s keystroke is relatively smooth, and sometimes focusing is not that noticeable. Those who will have problems with operating this button should try enabling shutter sound.” Read this review here: