Palm Treo 700p (Sprint) review

“You can stop squinting at all the blurry camera phone pictures and cease swapping stories about what a carrier rep told you in confidence, for the Palm Treo 700p is finally here. And though the new Palm OS-based smart phone was announced for both Sprint and Verizon Wireless, Sprint is first out of the gate to offer the device, with availability expected at the end of May. So is it worth picking up? We think so. The changes aren’t revolutionary, but as the successor to the Treo 650, the 700p brings some welcome improvements, such as EV-DO support and increased memory. Of course, it isn’t perfect. There’s still no integrated Wi-Fi, and Palm OS 6 has yet to see the light of day, but with solid performance and enhanced connectivity and multimedia capabilities, the Treo 700p is a winner. Sprint’s pricing is set at $399.99 with a two-year contract or $549.99 with a one-year contract. We should also note that as of this writing, Sprint says it has no plans to offer a cameraless version of the 700p.” Read this review of Treo 700p (Sprint) at

SAYIT Cool Text To Speech for the PalmOS is out!

“SayIt! is the only system wide Text To Speech application for the PalmOSFollow the text as the text is spoken to you in plain english. Very fast in response. Customized for your favorite applications or use the system Edit menu to access SayIt.Features
Speak any text in plain English Language
System Wide access to SayIt
Follow the text as the text is spoken
Customized for MemoPad, Treomail, VersaMail, ChatterMail, SnapperMail, SMS/Messaging and DocsToGo
Have your email read to you
Adjust volume
Support system clipboard. Speak any text in the clipboard
Access SayIt from any system Edit menu where it is supported
Say any text in the text field
Supports SD Card
Use less than 100K of main memory
Stop and Play text
Very easy to use
Intuitive user interface” Check it here: