Analytics Says Nokia 9300 Outperforms Treo 700W and Blackberry 8700c

“Strategy Analytics Says Nokia 9300 Outperforms Treo 700W and Blackberry 8700c. These results come from over 70 hours of hands-on consumer testing by the Strategy Analytics Advanced Wireless (AWL) Panel.Strong user ratings for the feature applications, menu/user interface and input of the Nokia 9300 gave it the edge over its competitors, including a 7 point advantage over the Windows Mobile based devices for application usability. However the 9300 was the lowest rated device for perceived style appeal. As found in previous AWL testing, participants who were unfamiliar with a Blackberry struggled with the steep out-of-the-box learning curve of the 8700c.”The Nokia 9300 excelled in the ease of use of its applications, as well as having the most user-friendly menu and simplest means of input,” commented Paul Brown, a Wireless Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “Having a large keyboard is a clear advantage of the 9300 – but this detracts from its style appeal, with the consumer still favoring a small and compact device.” The Treo 700w was rated the most stylish device.”The release of the Motorola Q has been much anticipated,” added David Kerr, Director of the Global Wireless Practice at Strategy Analytics. “The Q is another stylish iconic design from Motorola, but the question remains whether it can match the performance of the Nokia 9300 and the still wildly popular Treo.” Read this nice article at

O2 Germany to release the HTC Hermes as O2 Xda trion

Linksys WIP330 and WIP300 Wi-Fi VOIP Phones Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “While it’s neither official released yet nor O2 Germany has given a press release, the device, formerly known as “O2 Xda Hermes”, appeared now in O2’s own web shop as “O2 Xda trion”. So what’s the hard facts now? It’s coming with a Samsung ARM CPU with 400 MHz (instead the previously by T-Mobile announced 300 MHz only), it’s quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS (with a later upgrade option to HSDPA). It’s sporting a 2 megapixel camera on the back (with photo light) and a QCIF camera on the front for UMTS video telephony and for sure it comes with Windows Mobile 5.0 including AKU 2 which supports the Microsoft Messaging and Security Feature Pack (push E-Mail with Exchange) and – as far as the::unwired heard – A2DP Bluetooth stereo! Also it is expected to support the SIM Access Profile. Talking about Bluetooth, the O2 trion will supports Bluetooth 2.0 and W-LAN/WiFi g. Last but not least, it has 128 MB ROM and 64 MB RAM which can be extended with microSD memory cards. And indeed, as you can see above, the O2 version is confirmed now to have this two extra buttons around the d-pad, one for the Start menu and one for OK/closing applications. While the Xda trion isn’t available for order yet, it’s just announced at O2 Germany’s web shop as a “coming soon” device but you can register for an E-Mail update. Neither a price, nor a release date was given yet. So yes, the device above looks like the earlier photos, the::unwired received exclusively from an anonymous friend before and the O2 version is indeed this grey/silver design with the silver/blue thumb keyboard, similar to the UK version of the HTC Universal (aka O2 Xda Exec). Looks good. The only disappointment might be the QVGA screen. I wish it would has a VGA screen like HTC’s first UMTS device, the Universal.” Read it all at Internet Backup is out for Palm OS

“BackupBuddy.Net makes it easy for everybody to securely backup their Treo over the Internet: it’s simple, automatic, and inexpensive! You have carefully put all your precious information into your Treo, then you accidentally drop it, lose it, or hard-reset it, and…poof! – you’re missing half of what you need. And you know it’s the important info that you’re carrying around with you, the kind you really can’t afford to lose. We think that if there’s anything more important than backing up your desktop PC’s information, it’s backing up your Treo’s information. BackupBuddy.Net is an easy to use backup application for the Palm Treo that you can use to quickly and securely keep your Treo data backed up over the Internet. And because your data is stored securely in a datacenter you can restore it instantly, even when you’re away from your desktop PC and have just picked up that replacement unit for the one you accidentally dropped in the pool while on vacation.” Check this great product here:

Review GSM handset LG KG800 Chocolate

“Integrating, these mysterious titles attract everyone’s attention. The Chocolate Phone, which is the main subject of this review, is really an eye-grabbing thing, making people wonder whether it is a phone in your hands, and if yes, why it lacks buttons? But once the spring mechanism has revealed the controls, the initial astonishment turns into stupor. And it normal, firstly because this is a handset after all, but the numeric keys are laid out as if it was a chess-board; but secondly! Once unsprung, the flat, glossy becomes an easily distinguishable cell phone, as the controls mounted on the top half get lit up with red.” Read this review at