Da Vinci virus hits mobile phone

Nokia Releases S60 Web Browser into Open Source Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget ReviewIt’s been confirmed — The Da Vinci Code is bad for you. The virus, that is. A computer bug bearing the controversial film’s name has affected dozens of mobile phones and laptops in the city. The virus, which spreads via wireless Bluetooth technology, causes a message to pop up on Bluetooth devices: ‘Receive message via Bluetooth from Da Vinci Code?’ Once a curious mobile phone user accepts the message, the virus enters the system and destroys the phone’s data. A picture depicting an eye and a cross appears on the desktop and phone’s gallery. System crashMridul Sharma (32), an operations manager at an event management firm, received the virus during a corporate presentation a few days ago. “The Da Vinci Code name actually excited me. I assumed the file was either an MMS clipping or a still and accepted it. My entire system collapsed and data was deleted. I had just bought my Nokia N91 handset worth Rs 31,000 and had to pay Rs 1,500 to format my mobile hard disk and reload the software,” said Sharma. Common virus“I received the virus on my laptop and phone. Apparently my Bluetooth device was active. The technician who repaired my phone told me this was a common virus, which had simply been renamed The Da Vinci Code to attract the users,” said 35-year-old Sanjay Menon. Abhishek Datta, a software expert, said, “Once a phone is affected, formatting is the only option. You cannot retrieve your data.” via ww1.mid-day.com

Handmark releases Tetris 2.0 for Palm OS!

“Tetris is one of the largest selling and recognized brands in gaming history. Famous worldwide, this simple yet addictive game will keep you entertained for hours. 60 million players can’t be wrong. You’ve played it before, now play it anywhere on your Palm Handheld or Treo Smartphone. It’s a deceptively simple and completely addictive. After its humble beginnings in Russia, this timeless puzzle game became a worldwide phenomenon enjoyed by all. Because of its unique yet simple randomness, it is always a fresh experience and never the same game twice. * Authentic original Tetris, the one game you MUST have on your Palm Handheld or Treo Smartphone * Timeless game, contemporary game play * Stunning graphics * Ghost and next five Tetriminos display * Amazing Tetrimino smooth scrolling * Original Russian folk music and game play sound * The one game that everyone plays; Tetris is loved globally by all cultures and all agesThe object of the game is to position the falling Tetriminos across the bottom of the Matrix. Tetriminos are shapes created from 4 blocks (Minos) joined together into 7 different patterns. The Tetriminos must be rotated as they fall and positioned across the bottom leaving no open spaces. When an entire horizontal line fills with Minos, the line clears from the Matrix. If lines are not completely filled with Minos, they will not clear from the Matrix, and the Tetriminos will continue to stack up higher and higher. If the stack of Tetriminos reaches the top of the Matrix, the game is over!” Check this Classic game here:

TMobile Sidekick 3 Product Photo Leaked

T-Mobile Sidekick 3
“Details are amazingly thin on the new release for T-Mobile, the Sidekick 3 made by Danger. We’ve seen more image fakes and just plain bad information on this particular unit than any other in recent memory. It looks like a real product shot has been leaked though. At least it’s consistent with some of the earlier leaked images.This one appears to be the work of T-Mobile’s marketing department, though it remains to be seen if this is legitimate. No other information was leaked with this image” via brighthand.com Update: Check here for the first Interface Screen Shot