First Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone for KDDI Japan

“Sony Ericsson has released their first walkman phone W42S for Japan’s KDDI telco last week. The phone has incorporate their past minidisc/walkman jog dial design, and giving a 30 hours long music playback time.The model “W42S” is made by Sony Ericsson for CDMA 1X network. The walkman phone is the first released in Japan and is able to play music continuously for 30 hours. It will be available end of June. A Mobile Music Enhanced chipset is being used in the phone. The chipset MSM6550 has a lower power consumption compare to other music decoder. Need to store more music files, a 1GB internal memory is available built in. You can transfer the music files from your pc to the phone via USB cradle and SonicStage software. The music player support music format like ATRAC3plus, ATRAC3, WAV, MP3, WMA and AAC.The memory can be further expanded through the memory stick duo slot. Up to 4GB of the memory card is supported. Adding up the original 1GB, it will give you a total of 5GB space, much more than a normal mp3 player. Sony Ericsson has also re-used their previous jog dial design in minidiscman. The extended silver metal let you hang the phone on your neck and also giving you easy access to music playback operation. You can activated the music player, navigate the song list and adjust the volume.Other than music files, FM radio receiver is also available in this phone. The retail package comes with a headset which can be used as a remote control too. 262k colors display screen is a QVGA screen, giving you 240 x 320 resolution on a 2.2 inches screen. Sony Ericsson promised to use a ultra hard coat layer on the screen to protect the phone. Lastly, the phone is 49 x 106 x 24mm in size, and 123g for the weight.” More photos at

kLauncher for Palm OS has been updated to 0.6

“kLauncher is brings the concept of a today page in your Palm OS device associated with a favorites launcher. kLauncher gathers information from the built-in applications Date Book, SnapperMail/Versamail,Task, Expenses, SMS, MaTirelire, NVBackup and displays the things to do today together with current time, date, free memory, date and time of last hotsync of the handheld device.This new version is mainly a fix update. Below the list of modification since the 0.5.12 (or 0.5bB) :- Backup Attribut is now set to true- Global memory optimization- SDK Plugin- Plugin NVBackup- Memory bug fix in module preference.- Bug fix on ‘home’ key detection.- kL-LNCH is no more needed- Bug fix and optimization on Calendar repetition parser.” Check it here:

Blackberry killer plans leaked at theinquirer!

Black and blue
“A HIGHLY-PLACED mole in a North American company has attempted to leak details of a data only clamshell to the INQ. The device is intended as a mass market version of the original RIM Blackberry.Just like the first Blackberries, this mystery handset won’t offer any voice capabilities. However, it will support GPRS to enable users to download their emails remotely. The intention is to sign up users onto data only tariffs – hopefully a flat data tariff too!One of the key elements of this offering is that it will be sold through ISPs rather than through mobile phone stores. That way the ISP can sell the Blueberry (our codename for it) already pre-configured to work with the ISP’s own email mailboxes.Currently one of the big problems with persuading consumers to track their emails on standard mobile phones is that it takes ages to key in all the correct parameters. Using OTA (Over the Air) technology will be another way in which the Blueberry can be configured for email.The intention is to keep the cost of the Blueberry as low as possible. Consequently it will use a proprietary real-time OS rather than paying the licence fee for Symbian or Windows Mobile, for example.The INQ trawled the Net looking for the culprit and discovered the Ogo which is designed along very similar lines. The Ogo is available in four countries currently – the USA, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey.Perhaps, the OEM which makes the Ogo for IXI will be manufacturing the Blueberry?” via