Launcher X Update Released for Palm OS!

“Launcher X is a highly configurable application launcher that replaces the built-in launcher on your Palm Powered Handheld.UpdatedFull support for the latest Palm OS/Access OS NVFS file system Treo 5 Way navigation Updated registration coding system Features: The first and only 3rd party launcher enhanced for the Treo 700P! Manage and organize your applications with a simple drag-drop action Quick access to common functions using our “Gadget” toolbar Manage your applications on your memory card by dragging to the SD card gadget Browse your memory card and rename/copy/delete files and folders Rename applications to whatever you wish Manually specify the order of icons any way you wish Quick icon access to many documents or files Configure the look and behaviour of your UI with Active Skins …and much, much more!” Check it here:

Nokia E50 Hands on preview at allaboutsymbian

Black and blue
“The E50 has a QVGA (240 x 320) screen which has a sensor and automatically adjusts its brightness as necessary (this can be user controlled too). The quality of the screen is excellent, even under bright lights, and considerably eases reading of the screen when compared to lower resolution devices. QVGA screens are becoming standard for higher end phones, but are still some what rare in the mid-tier. The QVGA screen also means the E50 is better able to take advantage of the changes (smoother fonts, resizeable UI) in S60 3rd Edition when compared to lower resolution devices. The keyboard, especially when using number keys, is excellent. There are no gaps between the keys, but they are sufficiently large, have good tactile feedback and are ridged such that even those with larger fingers should have no problems. The softkeys, application key, cancel key, and the send and end keys are a little smaller, and took a few moments to get used to, but should present no problems. The joystick was responsive to directional touches (it is a stick, rather than a four way button), was also good and is given plenty of room, which should mean less accidental key presses when navigating through lists and menus.On the left hand side of the phone there are volume up and down buttons. These work for both phone calls and multimedia. Having these buttons on the sides does make a difference because it is much easier to adjust volume mid-call (if you change from a noisy to quiet environment or vice versa). The power button is found on the top of the device and, as with other Nokia phones, allows you to quickly switch profiles (important to prevent ringtone embarrassment in meetings). On the right hand side of the device is a record key. This starts up the Recorder application which allows you to record short voice notes. Below this is the pencil key which is used for copy and paste functions and selecting multiple items from lists. The location on the side of the device makes a lot of sense since it is usually used in conjunction with other keys. Thanks to the positioning your fingers do not have to perform contortions to combine button presses.” Read this nice article here:

HDTV: Video of the Sony Vaio UX50

060517_UX50.jpg “Once again Akihabara News is at the cutting edge when it comes to exclusive HD videos of the nicest gadgets, and today we feature the Sony UX50! The manufacturer has just started supplying the first machines to the retailers yesterday and today, and the UX90 should hit the shelves by the end of this week. A number of shops like Yodobashi Camera have some demo machines on display from this afternoon onwards and some other shops have not received their units yet, so this really is HOT news!So, without further ado, here’s the HD video of this new beast!The Flash Video is now OK here !”