Asus J206 Music Phone is like iPod

“Asus J206 is another mobile phone made by motherboard maker Asus. Although it has the similar design as iPod, the company emphasis that they are not copying the design and this touch pad has been in their research lab for a year. The sensor under the touch pad detect heat from your hand and then the phone will determine the action. This type of the design is nice since it give you all the music player control you need. Plus you can scroll the music playlist easily by moving your hand on the touch pad.The J206 support MP3, AAC, WAV … etc format, giving you up to 12 hours of continuous music playback while connected to the phone network at the same time. This is about the same as the Nokia N91. Asus provides its own music manager to let you sync the music from your pc to phone. 60MB internal memory is available by default. You can further expand the memory though microSD card”. via

Archos launches 4GB XS104 music player

“Personally, when I hear of a product from Archos, the first thing I think of is a multi-functional personal media player (PMP), with a beefy-ish hard drive and a large color display for all my movies. That’s why it’s a little off putting for me when I hear about the company’s latest release, the XS104, because it is a fairly basic MP3 player for a non-bargain basement price.You do get 4GB of storage space from the included microdrive, putting it in the same market as the iPod nano, so that should be enough space for most people who want their tunes on the go. The 1.5-inch OLED display is adequate, but not huge. The XS104 does support picture viewing (JPEG), don’t expect any video support on this player. Instead, you’ll have to stick to your audio fix for the most part, enjoying your MP3, WMA and WAV collection.Measuring 91 x 43 x 14mm and tipping the scales at 80 grams, the Archos XS104 is available now for $230 through Cyberport”. via

GIGABYTE gSmart i, PDA, phone and TV

“If you ever dreamed of a Pocket PC phone edition PDA with a 2.1Mpix Camera, Bluetooth and Wifi, Radio Tuner, which can only be used as a worldwide TV… Well you should definitively take a return ticket to Taiwan where GIGABYTE will sell the g-Smart i, a Pocket PC Phone Edition with WM5… and a PAL/NTSC TV Tuner… So how it works? Well like any kind of TV, you just have to plug an antenna on the side of your phone and here you go!… Also do not forget to remove the antenna while using the phone feature since you may look a little bit silly here.” More photos at