NVIDIA announces WiMo5 multimedia platform

“More news from Computex 2006 in Taipei. This time, we hear from graphics giant NVIDIA corporation, but they’re not chatting us up about the latest graphics card, instead the company has announced the availability of a Windows Mobile 5.0 platform designed to optimize the user’s multimedia experience.Already found in such devices as the Samsung i830 smartphone, Modeo DVB-H smartphone, and iRiver G10 portable gaming machine, the NVIDIA MobileMedia Platform allows “manufacturers to rapidly design and release digital, media-rich devices with Windows Mobile 5.0.”Think of it as a device maker in a box, it seems, because this development kit contains “all the hardware and software components.” They’re calling it “a complete solution for device manufacturers: Just piece it together like Lego.Cell phone makers can speed up the development process and get the juicy hot handsets onto the market faster, complete with “smooth Digital TV and video”, “incredible 3D graphics for gaming”, and “high fidelity audio.” ” via mobilemag.com

Computex 06: PDA & Samtphones from ASUS

“ASUS propose in Asia and around the world, PDA, Smartphone and Phones running MS OS or not, and let’s start with the MyPal A639 a GPS Pocket PC with 1GB of memory, SiRF Star III GPS, Wifi B/G bluetooth 2.0 EDR. The P525 a Pocket PC Phone Quad-Band (YESSSSS) with a 2Mpix Camera, Wifi & Bluetooth, the Smartphone M310, 2Mpix Camera, Mp3/4 player, 35MB of memory, microSD amd Bluetooth. The J208, 2Mpix Camera, Mp3/4 player, 64MB of memory and finally the J206 the iPOD like phone, with a Touch Wheel and which can support Mp3, AAC, WAV en Mpeg4.” More photos at akihabaranews.com

Lunar Landing Simulator v2 released for Palm OS

LEM Simulator “LEM Sim is the most advanced lunar lander game available on a Palm/Treo device. It realistically simulates the critical phase of an Apollo moon mission which is the landing. During the descent to the moon, you may also have to cope with system malfunctions while you are busy flying the LEM! Some of those failures are recoverable. One example is a leak in the fuel tank. This will of course reduce the amount of fuel available for landing requiring you to land quickly. Other failures may be fatal. For instance, if the main descent engine shuts down for too long then NASA may as well name a new crater after you!Key Features Cockpit view new! Game auto-save new! Land anywhere in the solar system in addition to the Moon new! Choose your own initial conditions like starting altitude or fuel level (MyFlight) new! Enabled/disabled lander failures new! Realistic physics modeling of the descent engine and thrusters Actual Apollo LEM instruments rendering such as the X-pointer, altitude tape and artificial horizon Houston voice announcements of your altitude, rate of descent and fuel level Realistic sound effects during flight An on-board computer to help you fly the lunar module Lander sub-systems may fail at any time during your descent Three game levels : Rookie, Pilot and Commander Two missions to choose from Landing score takes into account landing accuracy, touchdown velocities, fuel remaining among other things Flight plan available during descent 20+ pages user’s guide Will run from SD card to save memory on device” Check it here:

Motorola Canary: more details and photos

At Bengalboy.com site you can come across a small review of an upcoming, but not yet officially announced Motorola Canary – a RAZR-style phone. In particular, there are recent live photos of the phone. The author says, the phone is meant for GSM networking (quad-band) and can work in EDGE standard. It is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera with video capture opportunity, an expansion slot for microSD cards, 17 MB of internal memory, Bluetooth 2.0 interface supporting A2DP.