Next Gen Bluetooth (3.0) On the Way

“A much faster version of Bluetooth is on the way, and officials with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group say products using the wireless protocol may be on the market as early as 2007. The next-generation Bluetooth is said to operate at similar distances (around 30 feet, best case) to today’s Bluetooth 2.0 but is a lot faster, capable of wireless transfers at a rate of 480Mbps. That’s 60MB per second, fast enough for high definition videoconferencing or moving files around at a fairly rapid clip. That kind of speed blows the doors off Bluetooth 2.0, which pokes along at a mere 721Kbps 2.1 Mbps. The new Bluetooth gets its exponentially faster speed by teaming up with ultra wideband technology (UWB). But there are other contenders using similar tech such as Wireless USB (also 480Mbps), and it’s hard to tell how these various protocols will compete with each other. The way we see it, Bluetooth is for near-distance, or personal area networking and Wireless USB has farther reach. But with the increased distance of Wireless USB, what would be the point of a shorter-distance protocol such as Bluetooth? Looks like we might have a horserace on our hands.” via

Mossberg Compares the Motorola Q and Treo 700p

COMMENT:Palm's Treo 700p, priced at $399 with a service contract (left) “The cellphone — or, more accurately, the device formerly known as the cellphone — is getting to be more and more like a little portable computer. High-end models, known as smartphones, can handle large volumes of email, complete with attachments; surf the Web at high speed; view and edit Microsoft Office documents; take decent pictures; and play back music and videos.To manage these laptop-like tasks, they come equipped with faster and faster processors; more and more internal memory; expansion slots for increasingly spacious memory cards; and small, but usable, keyboards, instead of mere phone keypads.We’ve been testing two new such phones. One, from Palm Inc., is an improved model of the Treo, which has long been our favorite smartphone. The other, an entirely new design from Motorola Inc., manages to pack most of the Treo’s functionality into a much thinner and lighter body, at half the Treo’s price.” Read this nice comparison review here: