Head to Head Review of Navigation Software for PPC

“Thanks to the following vendors for providing software for review.iGo (Beta) from PDAmillMapopolisTomTom NavigatorEquipment used for test: iPAQ 4350 with 1 GB SD card, Emtac Bluetooth GPS module, 96 Saturn SL (I need a new car).Many features were similar on all three applications, including route options of shortest time or distance, voice prompts, POI display on/off, night mode, screen backlight always on, and auto zoom and rotate. Since the differences are what people will be concerned with, I will concentrate on them.The biggest differences were the extra features and the user interface. iGo and Mapopolis have a launch screen with large easy to read buttons.”Read more about this interesting review at brighthand.com

Snake Deluxe just released for Pocket PCs with 4$ discount!

Samsung Helix XM2go YX-M1Z Review Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Snake Deluxe just released for Pocket PCs WM2003 & 2005.Based on the classic Snake game that we all know this is a graphical masterpiece in both QVGA, Square QVGA and VGA, square VGA! Snake moves in pixel by pixel extra smooth moment, nice sound, 4 different worlds, map navigation, 4 bosses to eliminate and many more hidden fun. more information>Features* 24 Different levels.* 4 Different worlds.* 4 Different Bosses.* Unique map.* Frame by frame smooth animation* Perfect graphics.* Full screen graphics!* VGA, 480×640 support!* Support for 240×240 and 480×480 (Treo 700w)* Speed control* Adventure mode for unlocking the map!* Open Gameplay. You choose where to play.* PDA Joystick fully supported* Export Hi-Scores to internet* Speed controlAlso the game is under a 4$ discount for 4 days for both Pocket Pcs and Palm OS. Was 16.95$. NOW ONLY 12.95$ more information>Watch: Video Review (High quality)

Palm Treo 700p Review at palminfocenter

“At first glance, the Treo 700p is almost identical to its Windows Mobile counterpart, the Treo 700w. The main differences between the two units include the operating system (obviously), a higher density 320 x 320 pixel display and a few distinctive icons on the buttons. On the back of the device is a possible sign of things to come. The usual Palm powered circular logo, has been replaced with a new ACCESS Powered stamp, reflecting the new owners of PalmSource. The keyboard now has a more square thumb keyboard arrangement instead of the rounded oval keys on past treos. They keys are now angled towards the sides of the device in the usual smile pattern. After using it for a few weeks I can’t say I either dislike or prefer the new keys. My personal thumb typing speed and accuracy feels about the same with both styles. The backlighting on the keyboard and buttons has been improved with blue outlines on the app keys and a brighter, more consistent white illumination on the qwerty keypad. The 700p has two new dedicated send and end call buttons just below the display. The rectangular green and red buttons are devoted to initiating and ending phone calls. The red end key also turns the screen off and activates the keyguard. Activating and using the keyguard is nicely implemented and is pretty mostly a transparent process. You simply tap the red button to turn off and it locks the keys. The on-screen keyguard display now has a larger notification bar that now shows the current time and date whenever you activate the device.” Read more here:

Samsung Helix XM2go YX M1Z satellite receiver review

Samsung Helix XM2go YX-M1Z Review Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Portable audio has quickly become one of the most innovative segments in today’s electronics industry. The rapid growth of digital music and the tremendous potential of satellite radio has made this segment particularly interesting and the advances have been rapid.Samsung, who has had some troubles portable music players off the ground, recently released three new XM satellite radio players that have MP3 capabilities. The flagship model is the Helix XM2go YX-M1Z. ” Read this nice review here:

Kingston Introduces New High Capacity 8GB CF Elite Pro Card

“Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, announced it is expanding its line of CompactFlash Elite Pro cards with the addition of a new 8-GB card. The card is an ideal storage choice for studio, catalog and portrait photographers who need to produce large files for catalog reproduction and other commercial purposes. The addition of the 8-GB CompactFlash Elite Pro card completes one of the most comprehensive lines of Flash memory card solutions in the industry — including 512 MB, 1-GB, 2-GB and 4-GB CompactFlash cards. Kingston’s Elite Pro line meets the increased demands of today’s professional photographers by delivering reliability and dependability and providing a memory solution to suit their specific capacity needs.” Read more at photosnews.com