Review of GSM/UMTS handset Nokia N80

“Meanwhile in this article we shall concentrate on impressions of daily usage of this device for couple of months, with eyes shut on shortcomings of previous firmware, concentrating only on what has not been fixed even today, or still raises some doubts. Our constant forum may have seen my posts regarding fact that Nokia N80 is working unstable, applications crash arbitrarily, often aborting them. This was all related to life before v17 was released, it was just impossible to use handset comfortably (like listening to music and browsing web), which was eliminating all of its advantages.” Read more at

Philips S900: a slim advanced phone with touchscreen LCD

Samsung Helix XM2go YX-M1Z Review Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Philips has prepared a Korean release of a mobile phone with a touchscreen LCD – the S900. In addition to handwritten text input (very important function for the languages with lots of symbols in the alphabet) Philips S900 is equipped with all modern functions: an integrated MP3-player, storage card support, a 2-megapixel camera, an infrared port and Bluetooth.The technical specs: Band: GSM900/1800/1900 MHz Dimensions: 109x51x13 mm Weight: 93.3 g Battery: Li-Ion, 710 mAh LCD: touchscreen, TFT, 262K colors, 176×220 pixels Camera: 2-megapixel, CMOS Sound: 64-tones polyphony, 3D-sound Memory: 10 MB, miniSD storage cards Connectivity: USB, IrDA, Bluetooth WAP browser, Java games Messages: SMS, MMS, e-mail (Java) Other functions: organizer, calculator, English-Chinese dictionary, work with text documents (create/ read/ edit/ search…), stopwatch, timer, world time.” via

The New SideKick 3 is Official today

“Danger and T-Mobile has finally announced SideKick 3 today. Engadget has some nice photo shots on it, while mobileburn has did a first review on the new messaging device. Specifications: Size: 130 x 59 x 21.8mm Weight: 6.7 ounces Display: 64k colors (240 x 160) Tri-band GSM Bluetooth 1.2 (limited to Hands-Fre profile and vCard exchange) 1.3 megapixel digital camera w/LED flash miniSD memory card slot (supports up to 2GB cards) 64MB of SDRAM / 64MB Flash memory GPRS EDGE Trackball / QWERTY keypadYou can see a official flash demo here or see other live report on

Cybersaurus Game Review for Palm OS

“Cybersaurus is a thrilling new action game from Darxun Games for Palm OS 5.2 and later devices. The game’s storyline is a hodgepodge of elements inspired by Beast Wars-era Transformers and the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe. The game’s tired storyline consists of your Raptor 9000 mech being the Earth’s only hope against a race of evil Robosaurs. The mechanized Robosaurs civilization used Earth’s original Dinosaurs as inspiration for their sleek, metallic instruments of destruction. Now in the year 2513 they have returned to reclaim the planet for themselves. Of course, the primary role here is action-packed gameplay so any storyline shortcomings can be forgiven.” Read this review here: