Personality Psychology Pro for Palm & PPC updated to v1.42

Screenshot “A huge pack of personality test & games presented in a pleasant / funny way.By these Psychology tests & games you can realize much more about yourself and about your companion (Sexual partner).You can analyze your personality and find out what is on your mind.You can use this program to understand yourself, to find more about a close person or to have fun with your friends. You can even impress someone by its accurate results.This program is a pack of:* personality tests (> 1000 ques.),* personality statistics and outcome* games/fun (Graph., text, stories etc)* birthday analysis (What tree did you fall from? etc)* you can set up to 3 completely different users at the same time!…and much more that will make you realize about your character learn more about psychology and of course have fun. “–21/June/2006 PALM OS UPDATE (1.42) —* Treo 700p fully supportedClick here for more:–21/June/2006 POCKET PC UPDATE (1.42) —* Supported all latest WM2005 square QVGA devicesClick here for more:

Mio Technology released Mio C210 GPS navigator

Samsung Helix XM2go YX-M1Z Review Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Mio technology has announced the British release of a compact GPS-navigator Mio C210. This is quite simple navigator introduced earlier this year. It is equipped with a 2.7” touchscreen LCD. It is supplied with the maps of the UK and the main roads of Europe. You can install more maps from additional SD and MMC cards (24 European countries). Optionally you can work with a TMC-receiver (not built-in) to track traffic situation.There is a nice present from the software developers – a database of road cameras, which stand for policemen with radars in Europe. The system will notify the driver about the places the cameras are set or supposed to be set, besides once a year there is an opportunity of a free database upgrade.The navigator has a SiRFstar III GPS-receiver, S3C2440 400 MHz processor and 64 MB RAM. The device is fed by 4 AA-type batteries, which provide over 10 hours of navigation with the backlight off and GPS-functions. Dimensions are 85x59x40 mm and weight 110 g. The recommended price for the C210 makes up 199 pounds, i.e. about $370.” via

World's slimmest cellphones launched by Samsung

“Samsung today unveiled a brand new line-up of slim mobiles at CommunicAsia 2006 that takes ‘mobile communications’ to a whole new level. The ‘Ultra Edition’ demonstrates Samsung’s vision for the future of mobile communications in terms of technology and design. The Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820) leads the handset pack, boast ing the world’s thinnest profile of only 6.9 mm . Also on display is the Ultra Edition 12.9 (D900), the world’s slimmest slider with a depth of only 12.9mm and a picture-perfect 3 megapixel camera. Making its debut at CommunicAsia is the Ultra Edition 9.9 (D830), a brand new clamshell handset that is 9.9 mm thin. “Ergonomically designed to become one with the user, Samsung’s phones move beyond the limitations inherent in slim phones to embody the perfect combination of comfort, simplicity and sophistication to let users do more with less ,” said Mr. Kitae Lee, President of Samsung’s Telecommunication Network Business. “ It is human nature for people to communicate with others, and Samsung’s Ultra Editions are dedicated to bringing people together with functionality and ease of use. With its exceptional sleek and ultra slim design, Samsung’s mobile will effortlessly integrate into the user’s everyday life, connecting them to the rest of the world.”Samsung’s growing collection of ‘Ultra Edition’ phones is part of the company’s aggressive global strategy to take on the leadership position in the mobile phone market . It also illustrates Samsung’s sensitivity to consumer needs by delivering smaller and thinner mobiles phones without c ompromising reliability or premium multimedia capabilitiesThe SPH-N2000, released in 2001, marked Samsung’s first foray into slim mobiles with advanced features. This was the company’s first well-received 9.8mm mobile phone. Motivated by its early success, Samsung will continue to create slim mobiles in various form factors and features to meet the needs of discerning customers around the world.The Ultra Edition 9.9 (D830) – World’s Slimmest Clamshell Samsung’s Ultra Edition 9.9 (D830) raises the bar in slimness and design of clamshell handsets. With its simple ultra slim folder design and the latest cutting-edge technology, this 9.9 mm ultra slim clamshell is the result of Samsung’s constant efforts to go above and beyond the boundaries of form and function. This lightweight mobile comes outfitted with a 2 megapixel camera to capture those special moments wherever you go. Expect no bulges in your pocket when carrying this premium ultra slim clamshell that possess a 2.3” wide display and an external memory slot for extra storage. Navigate effortlessly through functions, thanks to its enhanced user interface with uMenu and uSearch features. The stylish Ultra Edition 9.9’s variety of colors and patterned design will surely please the Southeast Asian mobile market later this year.The Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820) – World’s Slimmest Phone Samsung’s groundbreaking Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820) expresses Samsung’s commitment to create the slimmest and lightest product in the market today. Weighing a mere 66 grams and measuring a slim 6.9mm depth, the lightweight Ultra Edition 6.9 is today’s definitive tool to help users stay connected, take pictures with the 2 megapixel camera, or enjoy their favorite tunes with the music player. The Ultra Edition 6.9 balances slim elegance with a functional keypad and tops off its supreme design with a beautifully beveled cut surface for a natural grip. Fiberglass-infused plastic is also used to increase extraordinary durability to protect the wealth of features that are compressed into the 6.9mm frame using the Smart Surface Mounting Technology (SSMT). The Ultra Edition truly complements the active lifestyle of today’s consumers as its sleek and fashionable design will fit into your pocket invisibly for stylish mobility. You can also express yourself as it comes in a variety of the most fashionable colors.The Ultra Edition 12.9 (D900) – World’s Slimmest 3 Megapixel Slider The Ultra Edition 12.9 offers the latest in multimedia technology with premium slide-up design for business professionals. The 12.9mm slide-up is the thinnest slider ever designed to come equipped with a powerful 3.13 megapixel camera — leading the 3 megapixel camera phone trend in the global market this year. Unique and dynamic user interfaces enhance user’s mobile experience. The main screen will reflect networks and call status by displaying animated graphics to alert users of missed calls or unread messages, and imported documents can be viewed on the vivid 262K color screen. You can also enhance your multimedia experience with the Bluetooth® stereo headset. Whatever your desires may be, the Ultra Edition 12.9 will “slide up” next to you for your next command. The Ultra Edition 9.9 Standard GPRS (900 / 1800 / 1900MHz) + EDGE Camera 2 Megapixel Camera (Auto-Focus / Flash) Display 2.3” 240×320 262K Color TFT / 0.8” 96×16 16Gray (1 Fixed-Line) Features Video Recording & Messaging (MPEG4 / H.263) MP3 / AAC / ACC+ / WMA Bluetooth® / USB / BT Printing Document Viewer / TV-output uMenu / uSearch / uGo / Mobile Flahs Memory 80MB embedded, External memory (microSD) Size 103 x 54 x 9.9 mm Weight 85g * Specifications are subject to change without notice.The Ultra Edition 6.9 Standard GPRS (900 / 1800 / 1900MHz) + EDGE Camera 2 Megapixel Camera Display 1.9” 176×220 262K Color TFT Features Video Recording & Messaging (MPEG4 / H.263) MP3 / AAC / ACC+ / AAC+ (e) / WMA Digital Power Amp Bluetooth® / USB / PictBridge Document Viewer / TV-output / Speakerphone / Off-line mode / uSearch Memory 80MB embedded Size 113 x 50 x 6.9 mm Weight 66g * Specifications are subject to change without notice.The Ultra Edition 12.9 Standard GSM / GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz) + EDGE Camera 3.13 Megapixel Camera Display 2.1” 240×320 262K Color TFT Features Video Recording & Messaging (MPEG4 / H.263) MP3 / AAC / ACC+ / AAC+ (e) Digital Power Amp Bluetooth® / USB / PictBridge Document Viewer / TV-output uMenu / uGo / uSearch / uTrack Memory 80MB embedded, External memory (microSD) Size 103.5 x 51 x 12.9 mm Weight 85g * Specifications are subject to change without notice.” Here is the press release

Agendus Professional v11 Released for Palm OS

Samsung Helix XM2go YX-M1Z Review Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Agendus for Palm OS version 11: The Ultimate Personal Assistant.Do you feel like you just can’t keep up with your busy lifestyle? Do you sometimes sense you’ve forgotten something, but can’t quite pinpoint what it is? Are you looking for a solution that’ll put your mind at ease so that you can focus on what’s really important in your life? Look no further.Introducing Agendus, the ultimate mobile companion that’s designed from the ground up, to help organize your schedule and act like your personal assistant–reminding you of important tasks or upcoming events–24 hours a day. Agendus Professional is the one and only personal information manager you’ll ever need.It works intuitively by design and has the “smarts” to not only integrate your calendar, memos, and To Dos with your contacts, but it also automatically maintains a detailed contact history, which can certainly come in handy.Agendus, with it’s Over-The-Air (OTA) capabilities, and it’s various ways of displaying your tasks and calendar information, will do just about everything you want, exactly how you want. We invite you to discover what thousands of users have been raving about on the Internet and test drive the latest Agendus for Palm OS version on your Palm OS powered handheld or smartphone today.Hassle free setup.Agendus for Palm OS easily integrates with your existing synchronization setup without the need to download and install any additional conduits or data managers. All you need to do is sync to install the application and you’re ready to go. Better yet, this latest release of Agendus provides seamless and complete integration between mobile and desktop environments, so you now have the option of bringing features from Agendus on your handheld, such as icons, hierarchy and contact relationships, to your desktop through Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition and Palm Desktop Edition.” Check this GREAT Program here: