Symbol Technologies to present corporate use PDA MC50

“Symbol Technologies Korea is presenting its new mobile computer for corporate-use ‘MC50’, which allows people to have the information of enterprise data base or application to help to make decisions at the spot. You can also talk with colleagues using VoIP PTT, data communication with wireless connectivity.Features:240 x 320 pixel TFT LCD touchscreen802.11b WiFi. Intel XScale 520 MHz1.1 megapixel camera 64MB of RAM / 64MB of ROMWinMobile 2003 SE” More photos at

NTT DoCoMo and Aquafairy Developing Tiny Micro Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell

“NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and Aquafairy Co. announced today that they agreed to jointly develop a micro fuel cell for 3G FOMA™ handsets. This agreement follows their successful development of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) that has proven effective in a prototype recharger.The fuel cell is the smallest in the world with power output of 2 watts as of July 14. The recharger combines DoCoMo’s recharger technology with Aquafairy’s thin film power unit technology and catalyst for producing hydrogen from water. The simple hydrogen-producing mechanism and power units make the recharger less than one-fourth the size and more than twice as powerful as the methanol fuel cell prototype that DoCoMo unveiled on July 6, 2005. The easily portable recharger can charge a handset several times, and the recharging time is approximately the same as an AC adapter.Demands for power consumption have risen with new FOMA services and features. To meet these demands, DoCoMo has worked on increasing the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, the most common battery in handsets today, and developed a direct methanol fuel cell recharger. Now, the company is also exploring the possibilities of PEFCs, which have higher power density than methanol cells and less environmental impact since they convert water into hydrogen.DoCoMo will exhibit the recharger at its booth at Wireless Japan 2006 from July 19 to 21.” via

SanDisk Introduces A 4 Gigabyte SDHC Flash Card

“SanDisk Corporation today introduced a 4-gigabyte (GB)SD High Capacity (SDHC) card. The new cards, which support capacities of 4GB and higher, are rated Class 2 for speed and performance and can store more than 2,000 high-resolution pictures, more than 1,000 digital songs or up to 8 hours of MPEG 4 video. The 4GB SDHC card will be bundled with the MicroMate USB 2.0 reader at no extra charge. These new readers work with both SDHC and SD cards. SDHC cards require an SDHC-compatible reader.SDHC is the new designation for SD cards larger than 2GB that adhere to the SD 2.00 specification, a completely new design that is required for cards and hosts to support 4GB to 32GB capacities. The specification was developed by the SD Association, an industry standards board, which also defined three speed classes for speed and performance capabilities. These cards adhere to the SD Speed Class Rating specification which defines a minimum sustained transfer speed for SDHC cards” Find out more at

Sidekick 3’s Magnet Will Erase Your Credit Card in Under a Second

“The Sidekick 3’s swivel screen is held in place by a magnet. An incredibly strong magnet. In fact, it turns out, a magnet strong enough to wipe all your credit card or other magnetic strip card data in under a second.Don’t believe it? We have the pictures to prove it.It all started when one of us picked up our Sidekick 3 out of our bag, and found a pen clinging to the edge of it. We thought that a bit odd and wondered if the pen was magnetized. It wasn’t. Could it be the Sidekick?To test this, we held other metal objects up to the Sidekick, and sure enough, they stuck to it as if to… well… a magnet. We then replicated it with a second Sidekick.So we investigated further. Now, if you’ve ever given a thought to how the Sidekick is able to do that cool flippy thing with its screen, well, you may have assumed, or even found, the magnet. But I’ll bet that you never in a million years imagined that they would have used a magnet strong enough to do damage.” Read more about this crazy story here: