RIM Blackberry 8700 Review at Brighthand!

“Research In Motion’s Blackberry email devices are enjoying quite the boom these days, on par with Palm’s Treo smartphones. So what’s the big deal? We took a look at the Blackberry 8700, RIM’s latest cellular-wireless handheld, to see how it stacks up against the competition.This device is available in several minor revisions and carrier versions. The model we tested was the Blackberry 8700g on T-Mobile U.S.A. The 8700 uses the “classic” Blackberry form factor: a relatively thin but broad device with a large landscape screen, ideal for having a larger keyboard and longer lines of text. It’s considerably larger than the average phone, explaining why some people prefer to use it exclusively as a data device, maintaining a “normal” phone for voice. Conversing on it directly might be uncomfortable if you’re sensitive to the size of your phone. On the other hand, it makes for a very decent keyboard, though not quite as large as the slide-out keyboards on some smartphones made by HTC, like the T-Mobile MDA. On the left side of the 8700 is a mini USB port which handles both sync and charge duties.” Read this very interesting review here:

Get the benefit of VoIP with Skype WiFi phones on the go

Samsung Helix XM2go YX-M1Z Review Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Belkin is expected to roll out its brand-new candy-bar WiFi phone in August. Users can purchase the phone for $189.99 directly from Skype online storeNow Skype users will be able to use VoIP soon on the go without the need of pc. Simply put, it’s like they will be carrying ultra-small computer equipped with Skype messenger in the form of handset. According to today’s report in VoIP NEWS, Skype WiFi handset will hit market soon, which will be available at all open access WiFi points that do not require certification. SKype announced that Accton Technology’s Edge Core, Belkin, Netgear, and Standard Microsystems will all introduce WiFi handsets later this quarter. The phones will allow users to make a free call with other Skype users whereas calls made to other non-Skype users will run through Skype premium skype-out service. Users can use the existing Skype accounts and contacts on the phones with automatic synchronization feature. And the call quality and costs will be equivalent to other WiFi phones as they would on PCs according to the company. Meanwhile, the phones will not work at some coffee shops and bookstores with paid WiFi networks since they will not have the ability to authenticate and pay for such usage.The phones will have automatic synchronization to the existing Skype accounts and contacts.The call quality and costs will be the same on calls made from WiFi phones as they would on PCs, eBay-owned Skype said. WiFi handset market will expand $1.9 billion market in 2009, according to the media citing a recent report from Infonetics Research.” via aving.net

SkyForce Reloaded Review for Palm OS

Samsung Helix XM2go YX-M1Z Review Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Par for the course on these sorts of shooters, no attempt has been made at a back-story. I’d assume is would revolve around your ship having to save the world from any number of ghastly enemy forces/alien invaders. Ho hum. Reloaded’s primary improvement is a screen where you can resume from any level already completed. It’s not an actual save game feature per se but it’s damn well close enough! This is the perfect addition for the dedicated gamer who can just catch enough gameplay during free time to beat the game one level every few days. Kudos to Infinite Dreams for implementing this feature—it’s a perfect compromise between keeping the game hardcore for elite gamers and making it just friendly enough for the casual gaming crowd. Next up is the aircraft selection screen. The same three fighter classes are present this time around—the fast but weak purple scout, the rugged but sluggish brown bomber and the all-around average red fighter jet. Gameplay options, totally unchanged, are made at the title screen. I played through the game in the bomber this time around but I did do some test levels in the other two ships. ” Read this review here: