Nokia E70 Review flip with a difference

“At heart the E70 is a fairly standard S60 3rd Edition candy-bar smartphone, with the full set of PIM and Enterprise-focussed applications, including the new S60 Office suite and licensed versions of Handy Expense, Zip Manager and WorldMate. See our E61 review for all the gory detail of the platform, hopefully most people reading this will know the drill by now – S60 3rd Edition is slicker and prettier, with better support for different screen sizes, but has a more limited range of third party software available. The display’s impressive at 352 by 416 pixels and all S60 screen elements are nicely drawn and smoothly finished off.The kicker comes when you open the device up. As you’ll have spotted from the pictures, the numeric keypad lifts up and over the screen in ‘gull-wing’ fashion, creating a two-part qwerty keyboard that’s surprisingly useful. The ‘flip’ hinge is very sturdy indeed and the keyboard locks nicely into the flat position, ready for holding in both hands and thumb typing. As soon as the keypad is lifted, the display starts to change, and after a couple of seconds delay the S60 interface appears again but this time in landscape mode, as appropriate for keyboard text entry.” Read more at

PalmMAME 017.5 ALPHA is out for Palm OS!

“Alpha means it is mostly untested, very little documentation and it may crash your palm!Requirements:- PalmOS 5 an SD card and as much free RAM as possible. You will need at least 9M free. Most PalmOS PDAs will also need UDMH which allows storage RAM to be used as dynamic memory.What’s New from version 17?- Reduced memory usage. The loader can be in ram or SD card. The modules MUST be on SD card.- Fixed Joust. – Started to update loader. I haven’t finished that yet, but you can enjoy the changes so far. – Fixed rotation cutting off screen- Note: Program startup and Searching for ROMS will now just blank the screen for a bit. That’s normal and for searching it can feel like a long time, just let it go.- Added Zodiac hardware acceleration and screen stretching (don’t choose scale if you have a Zodiac, it is already on)- Added more error checking and reporting in loader- Reduced memory usage of loader- Fixed some misc loader bugs- Added Cyclone 0.86 which fixes several games so they may gain extra speedups from this asm 68000 core (hwchamp, riot city, sdi, shdancer, toryumon, hangon, shangon,outrun, blstroid, cchasm, relief, skullxbo, toobin, vindictor, gauntlet, gauntlet2)- Added artwork support which is essential for some games such as Armor Attack. Artwork downloads are available in a separate download.- Zodiac display problems fixed. (mostly, a few games still have problems such as Gorf and cchasm but they can be played when rotated.) ” Check it here: