Motorola Introduces MOTOFONE

“Motorola today announced the MOTOFONE, a 9mm thin phone.The MOTOFONE offers a new interface built on icons and voice versus text. Featuring the new ClearVision display, MOTOFONE leverages Electrophoretic Display (EPD) technology to provide users with a large, high-contrast screen that is viewable even in bright sunlight. The ClearVision display combined with a flush-fitting keypad and dust-resistant design makes the MOTOFONE sleek yet durable in active everyday use.For pre-paid customers, the MOTOFONE automatically reports the status of their pre-paid account after each call or message, allowing consumers to stay in control of use and expense. According to Motorola, the device includes a very powerful loud volume to help ensure callers can hear phone conversations and will not miss calls even in a busy marketplace or crowded street. The MOTOFONE is expected to be available in the second half of 2006 in both GSM and CDMA models. Voice prompts in local languages Intuitive icon-based user interface Stylish thin design Extended battery life Durable housing for optimal performance despite dust and sun High-contrast screen using new ClearVision display Large font size for easy readability High-volume for call clarity in loud environments Automatic notification of current prepaid balance Embedded polyphonic ringtones in eight voices Ability to download ringtonesThe MOTOFONE is expected to be available in Q4 of 2006.” via

Nintendo DS Opera Browser Review

 Nintendo DS Opera Browser Review“The Opera browser asks you a bunch of question the first time you put it in, most of which I didn’t understand because I suck at Japanese. If you already have configured wireless spots on your DS the game will see these settings and try to connect to one of these spots. If not, configuration is quite easy. Browser usage is quite easy. Easy enough that I just started messing with it without reading the directions. The simple row of tool items are rather strait forward. You have your Forward, Back, Refresh, History, URL Entry, Bookmarks, Find, Settings, Help, Screen Mode, Picture On/Off, Zoom, and Screen Switch. To go to a webpage just go to the URL Entry button, click it, and either use the on screen keyboard or the handwriting recognition.” Find out more here: