Palm Report Hints at Uncertainty Over Next Gen OS

“Palm’s annual report was just released late Friday. The report contains some hints as to what Palm is thinking in regards to the next version of the Palm OS. It also sheds some light on Palm’s current situation with PalmSource concerning what will happen with the next-generation Palm OS. In the risks related to Palm’s business section of the annual report 10-K on page 21 under the heading: Our product strategy is substantially dependent on the Palm OS, which is owned by PalmSource, a former subsidiary of Palm that was acquired by Access Co., Ltd. It states: We have a license agreement with PalmSource which extends through December 2, 2009. Our license of the Palm OS from PalmSource is critical to the operation of many of our products. We rely on PalmSource to provide the operating system for all of our handheld and a significant portion of our smartphone products.” Find out more at