Sony Ericsson and Actimagine Release Mobile Cinema for M600i

“Sony Ericsson has launched a Mobile Cinema operation in France for the release of the new multimedia smart phone, the M600i. To watch Final Fantasy VII Advent Children in its whole length and in DVD-like quality on a mobile: this is what Sony Ericsson offers in exclusivity to anyone buying their new phone. A 512MB micro memory stick, containing the full-length movie in 256MB will be presented in an exclusive offer to each buyer of the new Sony Ericsson M600i.Thanks to Mobiclip, the optimized video codec patented by the French company Actimagine; in one click, pictures come to life as if you were at the movies. The animation film Final Fantasy VII is played on Sony Ericsson’s M600i, in DVD-like quality, full screen, at 30 frames per second, while limiting power consumption. You just need to insert the memory card into the phone, click on the icon on the screen, and the film starts.”We want to make Mobiclip the reference for mobile cinema in terms of video technology, while offering a unique experience to the consumer: quality of content, quality of picture, ease of use, and a lot less power consumption”, reminds Andre Pagnac, Chief Executive Officer of Actimagine. “Our collaboration with Sony Ericsson offers to everyone the opportunity to live the unique experience of Mobile Cinema on the new M600i.”Besides a unique design, with an extra large touch panel screen, push e-mail functions, a multi functional AZERTY keyboard and an Opera 8.0 navigator, the Sony Ericsson M600i offers the state-of-the-art in terms of sound and picture.” via

Samsung ships another Linux phone: SGH i858

SGH-i858(Click to enlarge)
“A new Linux-based phone is shipping to subscribers of China Mobile’s “Go-Tone” GSM/GPRS service. The Samsung SGH-i858 features a large, 2.4-inch QVGA (240 x 320) color touchscreen, along with a slide-out hardware keypad. It runs version 2.5 of Mizi’s “Prizm” Linux phone stack.The SGH-i858 is the second recent Linux phone release from Samsung. The Korean consumer electronics giant (Samsung is Asia’s 9th-largest company) in April began distributing its unique SCH-i819 — which features both GSM/GPRS and CDMA radios — to China Unicom.Both recent Samsung Linux phones also have a “slider” form factor, and support touchscreen as well as keypad operation. Like the SCH-i819, the new SGH-i858 is probably based on a Qualcomm multi-chip communications processor module, such as the MSM6500.Additional SGH-i858 features include a 2-megapixel camera, TV-out, text-to-speech software, bluetooth, MMS (multimedia messaging service), IrDA with learning universal remote control software, and a business card reader. It also has standard smartphone features such as a PIM (personal information manager), Media Player, and File Viewer. ” More at

A Flash Lite Primer for Symbian OS Users

 “The big thing to note is that the Symbian version of Flash cannot play or understand everything that you could write. That’s why it is called Flash Lite – it is a mobile optimised subset of the Flash and as such it understands many, but not all, the commands a typical Flash author could use. You will need to look specifically for Flash Lite content to get files that will work on your device. The Flash Lite player is a commercial product from Macromedia, and initially the player was only available if you purchased it. For S60 2nd Edition, UIQ 2.1 and earlier phones you can purchase the player seperately directly from Adobe for $8. However Mobizines bundles the Flash Lite player with their free download of Mobizone so it is possible to obtain the Flash Player for free. S60 3rd Edition devices (N71, N73, N80, E60, E61, E70, N91, N92, N93, 3250, 5500) ship with a Flash Player application (Flash Lite 1.1; the next revision of S60, S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 will use Flash Lite 2.0) included out of the box. It’s very important to note is that there are two versions of Flash Lite available – 1.1 and 2.0. Backwards compatibility allows the 2.0 player to open and run older .swf files, but 1.1 cannot run a 2.0 file, so it’s worth double checking any application is compatible with your installed Flash player.” Find out more at

HTC Excalibur to challenge BlackBerry, Moto Q

“HTC may not be particularly well known in North America, but they’re the company behind a lot of Windows Mobile-powered smartphones on the market, including a good number of self-branded handsets from Cingular and T-Mobile. Now the Taiwan-based handset maker has its eyes set on challenging the BlackBerry devices and Moto Q’s of the world with the all-new HTC Excalibur. It is said that this smartphone has been in the works for quite some time now, but it is only recently that pictures have started popping up on the internet. Specs are a little slim at this point, but as you can tell from the pic, it comes with a full QWERTY keyboard and naturally runs on WinMo5. Word is that it does quad-band GSM and Wi-Fi as well.What will really set the Excalibur apart from the competition, though, is its unique touch-sensitive “jog strip” that replaces the ubiquitous jog wheel we find on the device offered by Research in Motion. You can see this clever strip just to the right of the vibrant better-than-QVGA display.” via