Game controller 'Zeta' dedicated to pocket pc smartphones

“Zeta Game Controller is clipping on keypad of Smart Phone so looks like one body. It is compatible with only korean model HP IPAQ rw6100 and LG C8000 series and possible to apply to game emulation software and easy to control for more fun. Zeta game controller is supporting multiple 6 buttons together when you play games so it gives you the feel and performance of a true game controller. Zeta game controller is compact mini, slim and light game controller also designed silicone key-touching system so as to be not tired even long time playing the game. It comes with a hold the attachment strap so always has it with your smart phone.Zeta game controller has 4way function suitable for upper and under control as the Tetris Game and 8way function appropriate for the shooting and battle game to convert the direction optionally also 7 control buttons give you more exciting performance. Zeta game controller is using the battery of smart phone no extra batteries needed and radiates 3 kinds of lights by characteristic emblem”Check this nice contoller here:

The Vega Ultra Portable for 700 $

“The Korean Vega Ultra Portable plans to give some serious competition to all the UMPCs of the world. Industry pundits claim that the new Vega may just be able to successfully butt head with the almighty Sony UX ! Before getting impressed, lets just see what the Vega is all about and can it find a strong footing amongst giants like Sony and Microsoft?The Vega handheld computer is powered by the AMD Geode processor and size wise is akin to the Sony UX. It measures about 160 X 80 X 27.5mm and weighs around 480grams. Using Windows XP Home as its operating system and sporting 256 MB of RAM, the Vega may just get a lot of takers. One cool feature is no doubt the incorporation of a lot of buttons which usually are missing on the current crop of UMPC’s. This would simply mean that users will be able to adapt to the handheld more easily.Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and the device sports a high resolution 4.3 inch LCD. There is also a 30GB Hard Disk and the company has also incorporated a connector for a GPS antenna. Via the onboard USB port one can connect to a remote keyboard and also access DMD reception. The Vega handheld sgould be available by September this year for about 700 US $. ” via

Blackberry 8100 Stealth at slashphone!

“Since the first leaked on an awful print out, the Blackberry Stealth could be released under the mdoel of 8100 for Cingular. It sports a digital camera, EDGE capability, microSD memory expansion slot, and media player. The word on the net is that this consumer-centric version of the Blackberry is heading to Cingular.Unlike the usual blackberry device for business users, Blackberry Stealth 8100 is also focusing on multimedia features as well. The upcoming device gets a camera module for photo fun, it also has a media player to meet your music needs. Not forgetting about the expandable storage, you can use the microSD card with this blackberry. The Blackberry Stealth 8100 will support EDGE network, give you a faster connection speed comparing to GPRS. The blackberry looks quite slim from the photo, and a mini USB connector is at the left side of the phone.This device gonna be available for either Cingular or T-Mobile in Q4 this year. The display screen does appear “Cingular” word on it, but some says it is made for both network. ” More photos here: