Samsung i320 review: Smart goes slim

Korean QCOX DMB PMP Runs Windows CE 5.0 on AMD Alchemy Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review” When I first touched Samsung i320 I was impressed by both its brilliant construction and the materials it is made of. In spite of its slimness the phone has a solid body, which does not give out a creak even if pressed or twisted. The thin part covering the battery does not show any gaps either; just on the contrary, it holds firmly as if having been fixed for good. If you do not change SIM cards frequently, I am convinced it is going to keep its qualities during the entire life of the phone. I have to confess that I have a soft spot for both the materials used on Samsung i320 and its color. The device is dark-black when looked at under artificial light or in twilight. At the same time, it gets a unique reddish nuance when placed under direct sunlight. It is only the glossy cover of the display that will definitely require regular care, as it catches fingerprints all over. In any case Samsung i320 looks classy and stylish.Located on the right side of the device are a couple of connectors protected by rubber covers, the latter being caught to the body of the phone. The bottom cover protects the system connector, which assures the electrical connection of the synchronizing cable. A little bit upper is located the earphones slot, different from the standard jack connector. Unfortunately, the Samsung i320 model our team obtained for testing was not accompanied by an earphone set. Yet, I believe such will be available in every standard phone package.” Read this BIG review here:

The first rugged enterprise class digital assistant, Symbol MC70

“Put the power of a cell phone, PDA, computer, scanner and imager in the hands of your mobile workers with the MC70. Designed to withstand all-day everyday use in nearly any environment, this rugged compact device delivers true anywhere anytime wireless WAN/LAN/PAN voice and data communications, including superior voice functionality, advanced data capture and the power to run nearly any application. The MC70 provides everything your mobile task workers need to achieve a new level of enterprise productivity — whether they are out in the field reading meters, delivering packages or repairing appliances, on the retail floor taking inventory, or in a hospital checking test results and verifying medication orders.Features Intel XScale 624 Mhz processor 64MB RAM/128MB ROM Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium Bluetooth: Class II, v 1.2 Tri-mode IEEE 802.11a/b/g Lithium Ion 3.7V, 1900 mAh Smart Battery ntegrated Voice-over-IP ready (P2P, PBX, PTT)” Check this great device here:

Korean QCOX DMB PMP Runs Windows CE 5.0 on AMD Alchemy

Korean QCOX DMB PMP Runs Windows CE 5.0 on AMD Alchemy Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review” QCOX is a new interesting portable media player on the market in Korea. QCOX runs Windows CE 5.0 on an AMD Alchemy CPU. The PMP has a 4.3 inch screen, 30GB HDD, DMB tuner, Macromedia Flash UI and TV out. A cool looking wheel on the side of the player lets you choose the different functionalities.The PMP is apparently made by Korean Curon. More details and photos PMPInside (Korean).” via

Treo Lennon (Treo 750) for Cingular Leaked

“The windows mobile Treo Lennon (Treo 750) show its face.Cingular Treo users will love to upgrade to the antennaless Treo Lennon (Treo 750). There are Treo Nitro and Lennon where Lennon is running Windows Mobile 5.0. The upcoming smartphone will support HSDPA and UTMS to keep up with the latest wireless technology. It is said to be available in October according to the Cingular’s internal release notice.” Check more photos here: