Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition Review

“For a change, someone has introduced a product where EVERYTHING is included in the box and that “someone” is Palm! Yes, Palm somehow has managed to outdo their previous bundle this time around. Upon opening the oversized box clad in Palm’s new corporate color scheme, one cannot help but notice several printed pieces of documentation and a foldout starter guide. What a welcome touch in today’s PDF documentation-centric world! Another nice touch was the consolidation of the nine (!) CDs of TomTom 5’s map set onto a single DVD. The DVD also contains additional installable voices in any of twenty languages. However, the most significant addition to this bundle is a 1gb MultiMedia card (MMC) that is pre-loaded with maps of the entire United States and Canada. Even better, both Windows Mobile and Palm OS executables of the TomTom Navigator app reside on this MMC, befitting Palm’s new OS-agnostic outlook on life. This bundled MMC is a writable card so the user can add a few extra megabytes of extra files (be warned that this card auto-starts upon insertion) or update the maps down the road. To aid the user in transferring new maps to the SD/MMC cards, Palm thoughtfully bundles a mini card reader in the box. It’s small, USB 2.0, and supports SD, MMC, RSMMC, and Mini-SD.” Read this nice review here:

ThinPrint Introduces Updated Content Beamer for BlackBerry Version 2.5

“ThinPrint has launched the Content Beamer for BlackBerry 2.5, a mobile document output system (MDOS). The updated application enables BlackBerry users to print, fax and view documents that they receive via email.Along with the existing features of the Content Beamer for BlackBerry, such as printing via Bluetooth printers or network printers, the update allows users to send files to fax machines and to display and save compressed files on a laptop screen. As with the original software, features are not restricted to any particular file-type. Via the “Print-to-Screen” function, users can easily display Powerpoint files and CAD-files, a format frequently used in the construction industry. “Print-to-Screen” works via Bluetooth and will show a compressed read-only file on a PC or laptop display. Users can also send files direct to a fax machine, which is practical when there is no printer available.Businesses who require their staff to print documents while on the move will benefit from the new software. Content Beamer for BlackBerry 2.5 helps staff to be more productive and flexible, removing the costs usually involved with wireless access or the use of business centres for printing. ThinPrint’s own adaptive compression mechanism, with rates of up to 98%, ensures that very little data volume is sent across the mobile connection, keeping connection charges to a minimum.”The new version of Content Beamer gives BlackBerry users several options for working with mailed documents intelligently to achieve productive mobile working,” said Carsten Mickeleit, Managing Director at ThinPrint GmbH.Drivers working for logistics companies can now print documents immediately via the Bluetooth printers they carry on board. Also, construction plans or other large format CAD files can be conveniently viewed when sent via “Print-to-Screen” at any site.” via

Transcend has released its new high speed 80X microSD memory card

Η εικόνα “” δεν μπορεί να προβληθεί επειδή περιέχει σφάλματα. “A greater number of advanced mobile devices and smart phones are now available on the market. This new breed of Hi-Tech Handheld device typically has a built-in High-resolution digital camera and a large number of multimedia applications; both of these features alone have catapulted the need for higher performance and bigger capacity Flash Memory Cards. To ensure you get the most from your Hi-Tech devices, Transcend Information Inc., a world leader in flash memory devices, has released its latest Hi-Speed 80X Ultra-Performance microSD Memory Cards, available in 256MB and 512MB capacities, and only half the size of a mobile phone SIM card they are the smallest memory cards in the world. Extremely fast data transfer speeds of up to 12MB/sec give the New 80X microSD Cards a 70% increase in transfers speed when compared with normal microSD Cards. Transcend’s high performance 80X microSD Cards are the perfect choice of Memory Card for use in the next generation of mobile phones and portable devices, which include a memory card slot as standard. In addition, Transcend’s 80X microSD Card can also be used in regular SD memory card slots by combining the card with its provided adapter, thus ensuring that the 80X microSD Card can be used in all compliant SD card devices. Now you have the convenience of being able to save pictures, MP3 music, or MPEG 4 video clips onto one tiny, high performance 80X microSD™ Memory Card, which can be used in your MP3 Player, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone, PDA, or other mobile devices. Having focused on the research and development of flash memory cards for many years, Transcend insists on only using original SLC (Single-Level-Cell) NAND Flash chips in its microSD™ Cards. By testing many digital cameras and mobile phones, which have a microSD™, or SD™ card slot, we ensure that Transcend’s 80X microSD™ Cards are fully compatible and guarantee the best performance results from your Hi-Tech portable devices. Product Features Approx 20% of the size of a standard SD™ Card, but with all of the features and performance Perfect for the next generation of mobile phones and portable devices microSD™ adapter allows the card to be used in standard SD™ card slots Adoption of original SLC NAND flash chips Compliant with the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirements Lifetime warranty