Snake Deluxe for Pocket PCs just updated to v1.1

Sony PSP Maps and GPS Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review” Snake Deluxe is based on the ‘Classic Snake game’ that we all know. The game objective is almost the same. You try to eat fruits by controlling the snake’s route. Below the game’s screen you will see all the meters. (Score, Time etc.) There you will see how many fruits are left for eating. Also keep an eye on the time that remains until you eat the next fruit. FEATURES:* 24 Different levels.* 4 Different worlds.* 4 Different Bosses.* Unique map.* Frame by frame smooth animation* Perfect graphics.* Full screen graphics!* VGA, 480×640 support!* Horizontal resolutions supported (320×240 & 640×480)* Support for 240×240 and 480×480. (Treo 700w)* Speed control* Adventure mode for unlocking the map!* Open Gameplay. You choose where to play.* PDA Joystick fully supported* Export Hi-Scores to internet* Speed control—23/Aug/2006 UPDATE (1.1) —* 320×240 Horizontal resolution now supported.* 640×480 Horizontal resolution now supported.* Bugs fixed” Check it here:

Sony Ericsson M600i review at allaboutsymbian!

“The front of the phone is dominated by the keyboard and the large QVGA, 262,000 colours TFT touchscreen. The keyboard is a cross between a traditional number keypad and a full QWERTY keyboard. Instead of the usual single letter per key, the M600 has keys with split personalities. Each key is concave (each edge is raised up slightly) and each edge (left and right) can be clicked individually. Consequentially each key has two letters on it (A and S, E and R, T and Y and so on). As a result, fewer keys are needed to cover the alphabet and each key can be bigger. In effect two smaller keys have be merged together to make one larger key with the resulting key being able to be pressed down in two separate ways either side of a pivot. The central 9 keys operate as a normal number keypad in certain situations. In these cases the keys can be pressed down on one edge or in the centre of the key to get the appropriate number. In full QWERTY mode the numbers can be accessed via the ALT key which also gives access to the secondary elements such as punctuation. The shift key operates similarly to give capital letters.The bottom row of the keyboard has five keys, including the ALT and SHIFT keys on each end, one key in from these are the left and right arrow keys (also doubling as the star and hash keys on the number keypad). These are used to give left and right control at various points in the UI, such as navigating between tabs or moving through the list of potential predicted words when entering text. The arrow keys, together with the scroll wheel, back button and the finger-operated on-screen softkeys are all that is needed to navigate around the phone’s functions. This one handed usage works well, although it is hampered by the need to switch the thumb between the various buttons which are (physically) some distance apart.” Read this great review here:

TechFaith Wireless Smartphone Get a Name: UBiQUiO 501

Although there isn’t any announcement from TechFaith Wireless on their QWERTY smartphone yet, Expansys online store listed it as UBiQUiO 501.An ultra slim Pocket PC phone with QWERTY keyboard, the UBiQUiO 501 is the ideal device to keep you in touch with the office. Composing e-mails, texting, writing notes and documents, or performing spreadsheet calculations is quicker and easier thanks to the responsive keyboard. But that’s not all – if you are more comfortable with traditional Pocket PC input, the 2.5″ QVGA screen is also touch sensitive, allowing stylus control of menus and programs. The UBiQUiO 501 has a host of connectivity options to choose from. Bluetooth 1.2 with A2DP provides personal connectivity to headsets, car kits, and audio gateways. Connect to the internet using WiFi 802.11b or 802.11g and use applications such as Skype™ for free VoIP calling, or connect to your cellular network for standard voice calls or data transfer over GPRS.Specifications: OS: Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Edition Size: 122 (L) x 65 (W) x 13.5 (D) mm Weight: 135g GSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900 GPRS/EDGE Bluetooth 1.2 wth A2DP Wi-Fi 802.11b/g Processor TI OMAP 750 200 MHz Display: 2.5″ QVGA Colour TFT Internal Memory: 64MB Camera: 2 Mega-Pixel Memory Card Mini SD Connector mini USB ” via