Side by Side Comparison of the Treo 700w and 700wx

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“Verizon Wireless first began offering the Treo 700w in January of this year, and for a long time was the only source for this Pocket PC phone. If rumors are correct, this will change next week, when Sprint begin offering an updated version of this device.There have been reports that many Sprint retail stores already have the Treo 700wx in stock, and pictures of this model’s packaging have appeared on the Web. Someone has taken this a step further, though, and put together a side-by-side comparison of the Treo 700wx and its predecessor, the 700w.This confirms substantially all the earlier rumors, including the fact that this upcoming smartphone will have about twice as much RAM as the original Windows Mobile Treo.” Check out this nice video comparison at

BenQ Siemens AL26 Butterfly phone

“[AVING-INDIA] After the successful launch of the Hello Kitty Phone BenQ has come out with the AL 26 Butterfly Phone. Delicate purple butterfly motifs adorn the shimmering white casing of this compact slider phone, making the mobile into a top-fashion eye-catcher.Milking the belief that the butterfly stands as the symbol of femininity in both the Eastern as well as Western cultures , the phone is also following the current fashion catwalk trends. Featuring user-friendly configuration and intuitive operation, as soon as the phone is turned on, polychromatic butterflies appear on the large color TFT display (130 x 130 pixels) and glimmer in 65,536 brilliant colors, a choice of wallpapers in beautiful butterfly design complete the theme. The phone will debut in mid-September 2006 in Europe and Latin America and the prices will be determined locally. Will I buy one?! Like I said Kitty or Butterfly is REALLY a tough Choice to make! ” via

Nokia E62 detailed photos and specs at mobile review!

The device supports quad-band GSM, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and the following services: Good, MS Direct Push, BlackBerry Connect, XpressMail. It is powered by Symbian 9.1 OS running on a 235 MHz processor, 32 MB RAM, a slot for miniSD cards, a QVGA LCD and a QWERTY-keyboard.

Today there emerged more detailed specs and photos of this smartphone. Nokia E62 is equipped with a touchscreen 2.8” QVGA LCD, 90 MB of internal memory and built on S60 3rd edition.

Articulation: A new VoIP application for the Palm OS

“Do you want to save money on you cell phone bill? – Articulation may be for you. If you are near a WiFi hostspot you can use your PDA to make telephone calls at a fraction of the price of a cell phone call.Articulation is an easy to use application that turns your Palm PDA into a VoIP Phone, enabling you to make and receive telephone calls using the internet. Articulation is the first service independent VoIP phone for PalmOS.In order to use articulation you need a Palm PDA that has the following: * PalmOS 5.x and above.* Palm based PDA with speaker and microphone (T|X & T5 need external mic)* Wireless internet connection (Wifi/Bluetooth/GPRS/EDGE/EVDO)* VoIP Service Provider connection. Articulation can be used with most providers.Features* SIP VoIP protocol* Silence supression and GSM codec for low bandwidth links* Echo cancellation for hands free operation* Turns your PDA into a WiFi Phone (or Bluetooth/EV-DO/GPRS Phone)* Lookup and dial from you contact list” Check it here: