Hand Reading for Pocket PCs just updated to v1.2

Sony PSP Maps and GPS Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review““It’s all in your hands!” This hand reading software will guide you to self-understanding with many simple and entertaining image tests.Learn Hand Analysis / Reading with your PDA. Surprise and impress your friends. Discover more about yourself. Entertain your family or even read other people’shands and know more about them.It is fun!!!Analyze you Palm / Fingers and discover everything about you & your inner thoughts. How to read palms the different lines and their meanings, hand shapes, fingers shapes, health carreer & love in your palms.Hand Reading Pro Features:1) Tuned for 2003, 2003SE and 2005 devices.1) VGA, QVGA and Square (240×240. Eg: Treo 700w) resolutions.2) You can set up to 3 completely different users at the same time!3) Fully supports all newest pdas. (Treo 700w, VGA, WM2005)—29/Aug/2006 UPDATE (1.2) —* 320×240 Horizontal resolution now supported.* 640×480 Horizontal resolution now supported.* Bugs fixed ” Check it here:

Samsung Z610 cell phone rocks glossy white shell

“The Apple iPod popularized the minimalist look. You don’t need to look big and flashy to get people’s attention these days. Instead, it seems the public prefers the understated elegance of fingerprint-attracting glossy white. Samsung has taken the popular iPod-look and adapted it to their latest music phone: the Z610. Rocking a smooth white exterior, chrome accents, and prominent music controls, the Z610 looks pretty darn sweet.We’re not sure how much memory is on board, but if you really want to make use of the integrated MP3/WMA/AAC media player, you’d probably want to stuff a gig (or more) into the microSD expansion slot. The 2.0 megapixel camera features notably on the back of the phone, with a VGA unit on the front for video telephony: yup, this is a 3G handset. If you’re wondering where you’d dial your digits, fret not, because this is a slider phone. (C’mon, it’s Samsung. Would you really expect anything different?)No word on pricing, but this did just receive FCC approval. Take that for what it’s worth.” via mobilemag.com

Review of GSM/UMTS smartphone Nokia N73

“The model’s display boasts a diagonal of 2.4 inches (37×50 mm) and capable of showing up to 262 colors (TFT) at a resolution of 240×320 pixels. Exactly the same screen is adopted by Nokia N71 and there is no wonder in that: it looks and feels great, has the right proportions. It’s interesting to know that VGA screens will use comparable diagonals – the platform is being turned nowadays, so that by the time these displays hit the market it will have been ready to operate with them. The picture on the N73 looks fine and allows for no criticism. Besides, the display is armed with a translucent metallic substrate, ensuring that information on the screen will remain readable even in the sun – it’s a signature of the models retaining to the latest generation.” Read this GREAT review here:

Symbian is keeping mobile Microsoft at bay

A SUPER confident Symbian is claiming to have kept the Beast of Redmond at bay with a 65 to 70 per cent share of the smartphone sector, according to CEO, Nigel Clifford.We wonder whether this is merely the lull before the storm, when Windows Mobile 5.0 begins to mount a real challenge or operators finally get their act together with a standard version of Linux, via the Mobile Linux Forum.Symbian claims to have shipped 12.3 million units in Q2 2006 compared to 7.8 million units in Q2 2005. Intriguingly, the average royalty rate per phone has risen and revenues increased by 74 per cent to to around 71.7 USD million (37.9 Pound million).The snag is that Symbian is very dependent on its key customers. Nokia accounts for around 70 per cent of sales, while circa 28 per cent of sales come from Japan. It’s worth noting that two major Japanese mobile phone suppliers – NEC and Panasonic – are key founders of the Mobile Linux Forum.To enforce is postion, Symbian introduced a new licensing model (from July 1st 2006), which provides for lower royalty rates. It didn’t specify what the new rate is.Presently there are some 86 different Symbian-powered devices from 10 different vendors. It would be useful to know how that compares to Windows Mobile 5.0 licencees.” via theinquirer.net