Samsung releases 32 and 64GB CompactFlash cards

“Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced semiconductor technology solutions, today announced that it has developed the industry’s first 40-nanometer (nm) memory device. The new 32 Gigabit (Gb) NAND flash device is the first memory to incorporate a Charge Trap Flash (CTF) architecture, a revolutionary new approach to further increase manufacturing efficiency while greatly improving performance.The new CTF-based NAND flash memory increases the reliability of the memory by sharply reducing inter-cell noise levels. Its surprisingly simple structure also enables higher scalability which will eventually improve manufacturing process technology from 40 nm to 30 and even 20nm.In each 32Gb device, the control gate in the CTF is only 20 percent as large as a conventional control gate in a typical floating gate structure. With CTF, there is no floating gate. Instead, the data is temporarily placed in a “holding chamber” of the non-conductive layer of the flash memory composed of silicon nitride (SiN). This results in a higher level of reliability and better control of the storage current.” Read more here:

Paintball II for QVGA Win Mobile Smartphone has just been released!

“PaintBall 2 is the successor of our best seller, original game, developed in a way that we can guarantee it will keep you hours and hours on your PDA. You have to make groups of 3 or more balls of the same color. These groups must be made next to a pipe. Paint balls by tapping on them. When you click on the ball you wish to paint, the ball changes color and the group gets sucked into the pipe.FEATURES:* QVGA, 240×320 & 320×240 support!* Horizontal resolutions supported 320×240* Full support for Motorola Q* 16bit crystal clear graphics!* Full screen graphics!* Frame by frame smooth animation* Speed control * Export Hi-Scores to internet * Stereo Sound* 3 different ball styles”Click here to watch Paintball 2 video reviewClick here for more:

O2 Xda cosmo Windows Mobile Smartphone review

“All the features above are pretty standard, for top class smart phones, but the highlight of the device, which makes it so different to all previous HTC Windows Mobile Smartphones, is the integrated thumb-keyboard and the HTC JOGGR control pad, which replaces the rocker/wheels, previously used for Smartphones.The sales pack includes the device, one 960 mAh Litium-Ionen-Polymer battery, a 110V – 220V AC charger, a mini USB to USB sync cable, a wired stereo headset, the manual and a CD-ROM with ActiveSync and Outlooks 2002.The Excalibur – even if it is a candybar device – looks different from all the candybar Smartphones we have seen so far from HTC and it reminds pretty much on the Motorola Q, the Samsung SGH-i320/SGH-i600 and for sure the classical BlackBerrys. This design makes the device pretty squarish while it is – with its 2.8mm only – pretty flat:..” Read this nice review here:

Motorola E690 Linux PDA Phone Photos Leaked

“Before the WinMo-running Q came along, Motorola’s smartphones were predominately powered by Linux. It seems that they are returning to the penguin with their next offering, the E690 PDA phone. Naturally, it rocks quite the slim profile (what else would you expect given the relative popularity of the Q and the RAZR); in fact, its styling is eerily reminiscent of the SLVR L7, less the numpad.Because you won’t find a QWERTY keyboard on this thing (as far as I can tell), all of your inputt will have to be via the 262k color QVGA touchscreen display. The E690 apparently rocks handwriting recognition for ease of use.Other deets (not yet confirmed, of course) include a 2 megapixel camera, an on-board music (MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR) and video (RealVideo, MPEG4, H.263) player, WAP, Bluetooth, Office viewers, and a mini-USB connection.Check out Hand Cell Phone for a bunch of other leaked photos of the Motorola E690.” via