3D display for PMPs

” Neovision has announced a 3D stereo accessory for Portable Media Player (PMP) devices.Dubbed the “iFusion”, the new add-on is claimed to allow users to view 3D content on a common LCD display without any additional hardware (i.e. 3D goggles). Not sure, how this exactly works, but it looks like a see-through attachment one will have to stick to the screen, just like a protecting layer PDA users got used to. The only caveat of the technology is that you won’t be able to enjoy 3D footage unless the media is pre-encoded as anaglyphs. The library of latter is not that rich at the moment and there is little chance to encode your own content so far.Anyway, the iFusion is expected to be available by Q1 2007. The list of compatible PMPs includes the Microsoft Zune, Creative Zen Vision W, and Archos 604.Additional details can be found at the Neovision website.” Thanks to pdalive for this one..

Cake Mania released for Palm OS handhelds

“Based on the best-selling PC game by leading casual game publisher and developer, Sandlot Games, Cake Mania is a fun, fast-paced culinary challenge. Help Jill to bake, frost, and decorate ever more elaborate cakes whilst impatient customers demand to be served. Deliver the right cake to the right customer on time to meet the daily Baker Goal. If you succeed you can stop the big guys at Megamart taking over and Jill’s grandparents get their bakery back!Help Jill bake, frost and decorate cakes to win back her grandparents bakery! Many levels of cake-baking fun Equipment upgrades to help bake bigger, better cakes Amusing cake shop customers Create double-layered patisserie masterpieces Over 500 cake combinations!” Check it here:

RCA Lyra X3030 provides 30GB of PMP goodness

“RCA Thomson is expanding their Lyra line again, this time with the X3030, an apparent upgrade to the previously announced X3000. This pocket-sized personal media player boasts a full 30 gigs of on-board storage, giving you enough space to store “dozens of movies, hundreds of hours of music, and thousands of photos, all in the palm of your hand.” It’ll play a variety of content on its 3.6-inch color LCD (320 x 240 resolution), including PlaysForSure and DivX. The included home theater docking base allows for quick recording from external sources (TV, DVD, CD player, etc), while the sliding cover case protects the display from scratches. Battery life is rated at four hours of video on a single charge. The suggested retail price has been set at $399, right in line with offerings from Cowon, Archos, and so on.” via mobilemag.com

Review of Bluetooth watch Sony Ericsson MBW 100

“While out of coverage zone, the watch notifies you that the connection is lost with vibration. Such feature seem to be out of place to some extent – in the beginning you keep twitching, when moving around flat, and then come to ignore these signals. It won’t make your phone thief-proof either – when moving in a crowd, a thief will be at least 5-6 meters away, so you will hardly see him. The great thing about the MBW-100 is Caller ID in display – such seemingly unsophisticated feature comes in handy owing to numerous reasons. For instance, when at conference or talks, it’s not always polite to get a handset out of pocket and decline a call, but everything changes with Sony Ericsson’s latest innovation – you can quietly (everything is relative in this world) check out who wants to reach you so badly. Unfortunately the target audience won’t make much use of this particular function – it will rather be just for show only. Using the top key you can mute incoming calls (both on the watch and the handset), double press declines a call. The dedicated player controls found on the MBW-100 are good only for Play and Pause commands, since in order to jump to other tracks you will need to press the winder and turn it at once. Taking account of how big the watch is, it is not always handy. The MBW-100 doesn’t provide any information on currently played back track. ” Read this review here: