World's First 10 megapixel camera phone with even mobile TV function

SEOUL, KOREA, Oct 10th, 2006: Samsung reinforces its technology leadership by launching the world’s first 10 megapixel mobile phone (model: SCH-B600) in Korean market. Samsung reached another milestone in camera phones by launching 10 megapixel camera phone, which was unveiled at CeBIT in March this year. Samsung has been the first to introduce mobile phone with embedded camera in 2000. Samsung has also launched the world’s first 5 megapixel camera phone in October 2004 ; the world’s first 7 megapixel camera phone in July 2005. Read the full press release at

Crazysoft releases Frutakia for Windows PCs!

“From the makers of ‘PaintBall’, a new, fun & extra addicting puzzle game that will also sucks you in and won’t let you go until you’ve wasted all of your time! ‘Frutakia’ uses the ‘casino slots idea’ and turns it into an original puzzle game.FEATURES:* VGA 640×480 & 480×640 graphics.* QVGA resolutions supported.* Resolution choice.* 16bit crystal clear graphics!* Frame by frame smooth animation* Speed control * Arrow keys support* Export Hi-Scores to internet Click here to watch Frutakia video reviewCheck this GREAT game here:

PalmSource to Change Name to ACCESS

ACCESS CO., LTD. today unveiled a new brand identity that signifies a milestone in the Company’s history and further highlights ACCESS’ evolution as a leading provider of solutions for the mobile phone and device markets. In addition, the Company also announced that it’s wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, Inc., has started the process to begin transitioning its company name to ACCESS.ACCESS and PalmSource are both recognized as pioneers in the mobile phone and device markets with their respective product and technology portfolios. ACCESS’ NetFront™ browser, which recently surpassed 279 million deployments globally representing 923 unique devices ranging from mobile phones and PDAs to digital televisions, gaming consoles, and automobile telematics systems from major Internet device manufacturers, is widely recognized as one of the most advanced Internet browsers in the world.PalmSource is the Company behind Palm OS®, a leading operating system powering mobile devices and phones. More than 40 million mobile phones, handhelds, and other mobile devices run PalmSource software. PalmSource and its proprietary Palm OS have given rise to a large community of users, enterprises, developers and manufacturers, who together make up the Palm Powered™ Economy.Together, ACCESS and PalmSource are committed to developing products and platforms designed to optimize the capabilities of mobile phones and devices. The first product to leverage the collective technologies and expertise of ACCESS and PalmSource is the ACCESS Linux® Platform (ALP), announced in February 2006.”Our new logo has been designed to symbolize the transformation of ACCESS as it evolves into a truly global company dedicated to providing innovative products and technology,” said Toru Arakawa, ACCESS CEO, president and co-founder. “The new logo symbolizes our Company values of total customer satisfaction, integrity, innovation, excellence and openness,” Arakawa added. The new logo modernizes the current ACCESS logo signifying the Company’s evolution as a global corporation with 29 offices in Asia, Europe and the United States. Featuring four spheres emanating from the word ACCESS, the logo is a metaphor for the technologies and products that ACCESS generates, incubates and releases to the world. These spheres represent the technologies, products, industries, and business models that ACCESS and PalmSource have developed as well as the ones it has yet to generate. Highlighting the two companies coming together as one, the logo features two shades of blue associated with both ACCESS and PalmSource. The overall design represents a company that is developing and providing the mobile phone and device industry with innovative technologies and products.New Integrated Global Web SiteIn addition to the new logo, ACCESS has launched a new global website that integrates, updates, and expands the information previously available on the standalone PalmSource and ACCESS web sites. The new integrated ACCESS and PalmSource web site features a streamlined interface that significantly facilitates the end-user experience. Available in five language versions– English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish– the web site is designed to provide information to a broader global audience. The new ACCESS web site represents the Company’s commitment to providing its global customers, partners and developers with a comprehensive source of timely information that is well structured and readily accessible. The new ACCESS Web site may be viewed at

GSPDA Launch New Xplore M70 Smartphone in Hong Kong

“The “new” Xplore M70 is available in Hong Kong after the previous Xplore M68 launched 18 months ago.The new Xplore M70 is more like a phone design refresh, the inside content and hardware specification remain similar without much upgrade. It is still an afforadable smartphone with a pretty nice price of 255 USD plus tons of palm software around. The Xplore M70 comes with a wap browser, though you can install an additional HTML browser from the included software cd. The company is also selling the phone together with an optional push mail service. Push mail software will be provided to use with the package. The Xplore M70 is available now in Hong Kong with GSM Triband network supported, US version of M70 is yet to be announced. * Palm OS Garnet V5.4 * Tri-band GSM900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS Class 10 * 32MB SDRAM, 64MB Flash * 64K colors, 176 x 220 pixels * Touchscreen * Weight: 131 grams * Picture Caller ID * WAP Browser * Send and receive SMS, MMS, E-mail * 1.3 mega pixels camera * MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, and 3GPP playback * Video & Voice recording * Digital voice recording * SD/MMC Card expansion * Support JAVA games * Bluetooth, Infared and USB connectivity” More photos here:

Acer launches trio of GPS devices

Acer launches trio of GPS devices“Acer has revealed a slew of new GPS navigation devices for the European market which will sit down well with both wearing business suits and women of leisure who wouldn’t think twice about blowing a whole wad of cash on yet another handbag. The Acer e305, e310, and e360 measure an extremely portable 103mm x 58.4mm x 17.5mm and weighs just 130 grams, making them perfect to carry around. The interface is very finger friendly, so having a stylus is not compulsory. When you tire of checking out the thousands of Points of Interests, there’s always the MP3 player and photo viewer to keep you entertained. There is currently no word regarding pricing and availability.” via

Nokia phones to sport WiMAX by 2008

“Nokia is broadening its wireless offerings, with plans to sell WiMAX phones by 2008.That would certainly be an advancement in the popular wide-range technology, which currently requires stationary connections. Researchers are working on a mobile version, with one is expected by the end of this year: this gives plenty of time for Nokia to get its hands on the technology and start packing it into their phones.Nokia and the other major wireless carriers like the flexibility of Wi-Fi and WiMAX in their phones, especially to take some data-carrying pressure off existing 3G networks. WiMAX improves on Wi-Fi by offering a wider range of access.” via