MobiTV for Palm OS Review

YM-PD1“The actual MobiTV application is attractively present and nicely laid out. Easy to read signal & battery strength indicators occupy the top bar of the screen alongside a help button. The bottom frame indicates which channel is being displayed, alongside channel and volume adjustment buttons that are a bit too small to be jabbed with a fingertip. A larger “Guide” button, located on the right corner, brings up the full channel guide. 38 total channels currently comprise the total lineup for Palm’s version of the client (note: various MobiTV platforms differ somewhat in their channel lineups). This master list is usually how I do my channel browsing. The guide presents the 38 channels in no particular order other than the fact that most of the “name” network channels (MSNBC, Fox News, NBC, ABC, Discovery, TLC, ESPN etc) are accounted for on the first page and the no-name and specialty channels are left for the 2nd and 3rd pages of the guide. While nice and uncluttered in layout, I’d actually like to see MobiTV add some more features and customizations to the app. An option to segment or cluster channels by categories (“News”, “Sports”, “Movies” etc) would be nice as would a “Top 10” or “favorites” list.” Read more here:

Swiss Manager Pro review for UIQ 3!

” Now, you may have noticed that all UIQ 3 applications (e.g. on the Sony Ericsson P990i) lack an ‘Exit’ function on their menu, a design decision which probably sounded great on the drawing board but which falls rather flat when implemented on smartphones like the P990i with only 15MB or so of free RAM, all of which is soon used up. So you end up having applications closed for you before you’d finished with them, with Symbian OS making the decisions about which ones are for the chop and which ones can be left for now.Swiss Manager Pro offers a way to have a lot more control, essentially making using the P990i a lot more practical. With an always on-screen icon showing free RAM graphically (colour-coded – green for OK, red for low, with a blue overlay to indicate processor loading(!)), with a display of RAM at the top of its own list of running programs, with automatic flushing of non-protected applications when you close the flip and with manual closing of any that you particularly want to exit, there’s a whole heap of control and efficiency that’s not there with the bare UIQ 3 Task Manager.” Read more about this great program here:

ETEN X500 Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition surfaced

“E-TEN’s next device has just been revealed – the X500 including plenty of photos.As Darius over at Pocket PC Thoughts said: “First impressions would have me say that the design leans a little toward the ugly side” and I tempted to agree.On to specs it becomes way better since it is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 and Samsung S3C2442 CPU with 400 MHz. Backed up by 64 MB RAM and 128 MB ROM which can be extended microSD cards, the X500 is sporting a quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE (but lacks UMTS and HSDPA), Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g, GPS including TMC, thanks to the inbuilt FM radio tuner and a 2.0-megapixel camera with auto-focusNeither a price nor an estimated release date was given yet.” via