Access/PalmSource shares mobile phone market analysis

“What do titanium legos, “meritocric” processes (is that a word??), and Horatio Ableton the cat have in common? They’re all part of Access/PalmSource VP of Engineering Michael Kelley’s informative and entertaining LinuxWorld presentation, entitled “Beyond the PC: the realization of Linux in the mobile device market.” Kelley’s presentation begins with an objective assessment of Linux’s chances of capturing nearly a third of the nascent smartphone market by 2010, as forecast by the Diffusion Group Kelley then considers the challenges of using open source in the mobile market, where a very different development model has traditionally been the norm. He also looks at the challenges of adapting Linux to mobile devices, where resources are much more constrained compared to the PCs Linux grew up on. Finally, Kelley gets down to describing the Access Linux Platform (ALP), how the massive Palm developer community fits into Access’s vision for mobile Linux phones, and specific problems such as theming and customization that Access/PalmSource is working on. Although two months old, the presentation is definitely worth a look, if only for the pretty ALP UI screenshots, one of which is features at top-of-page. Click here to read the full presentation:” More at

RoadSync 3.0 for Symbian S60 public beta!

“DataViz has released a public beta of its RoadSync version 3.0.The new version of this Exchange ActiveSync client adds support for select mobility features introduced in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, namely: E-mail Flags Faster Message Retrieval Online Mailbox Search SharePoint and UNC File AccessAdditional Exchange 2007 mobile features such as HTML messages, AutoDiscovery, Out of Office Assistant, improved calendaring and more device policies are also planned for future releases of RoadSync but are not currently available in this beta.RoadSync v3.0 beta is currently available for Nokia E series and N series devices running the S60 3rd Edition software. For additional details, visit the DataViz website.” via

Give you PS3 an OS with Open Office, Firefox…

“The PS3 is not yet available, at least for us poor geeks lacking the attention, that Terra Soft announces Yellow Dog Linux V5.0, an OS for PS3 with FireFox and Open Office! We may as well order a version with 60GB..!I’m not sure how Sony will lock their machine to prevent people from putting in whatever they want! At least this is some good news! Terra Soft to Provide Linux for the Sony PLAYSTATION®3. LOVELAND, Colorado – 17 October 2006 – Terra Soft is proud to announce Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for PLAYSTATION®3 from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI). Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, Terra Soft’s next generation Linux operating system for Power will support PLAYSTATION 3, providing an end-user experience far surpassing previous versions. Through an aggressive, rapid co-development project conducted by Carsten Haitzler and the Enlightenment development team, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, built upon Fedora Core 5, now integrates the next generation “E17” desktop in order to provide an unprecedented level of function and interface aesthetic. Designed for users of all ages and all levels of experience, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 is Terra Soft’s most advanced distribution to date. “We have worked closely with the energetic, determined E17 team to bring this advanced graphical user interface to a state of interface euphoria. It’s not about eye candy and unnecessary special effects, it’s about finding balance between a lean, uncluttered desktop and a personal environment that is both familiar and powerful. E17 is simply the most incredible thing I have ever used –with any operating system,” states Cesar Delgado, System Administrator for Terra Soft. Owen Stampflee, Lead Software Engineer of Terra Soft Solutions expresses, “From the days of the Commodore 64 to modern overclocked and water cooled home computers, a battle has raged between dedicated game boxes and home computers for highest quality game play. PLAYSTATION 3 provides an industry first exceptional Linux OS experience … and Terra Soft the first Linux OS. I am proud to have played a part in this development.” Under basic agreement with SCEI, Terra Soft was granted a unique opportunity to develop and bring to market a complete Linux OS for the Sony PLAYSTATION 3. In development of Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, Terra Soft integrated and enhanced code from Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Sony Group, and Fedora in order to offer the following:- kernel 2.6.16- gcc 4.1.1 and glibc 2.4- Cell SDK 1.1- 2.0.2- FireFox 1.5.0 and Thunderbird 1.5.0- Nautilus 2.14… and a suite of Personal Accessories, Development Tools; Sound & Video, Internet, and Networking applications. A simple installer enables absolutely anyone to install without instruction. Post-install, the default suite of applications presents an intuitive, self-guided means of exploring Linux without the confusion of multiple applications in the same family. An Advanced installer mode enables selection from greater than fifteen hundred packages, as is expected from a complete Linux distribution. PLAYSTATION 3 is an advanced computer system designed to provide next generation computer entertainment contents in the home, incorporating the state-of-the-art Cell microprocessor with super computer like power. As a guest of IBM at the annual SC2006 tradeshow, Nov 13-16, Tampa, Florida, Terra Soft will showcase Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, Y-HPC v2.0 beta, and Y-Bio v1.1. Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for PLAYSTATION 3 will be made available through Enhanced accounts, through the Terra Soft on-line Store, retailers, and public mirrors world-wide.

Video 1st Look HP iPAQ rx4540

“Key features of the smart design include:
Choose to view digital content in either landscape or portrait mode to maximize the viewing pleasure of videos, photos and games.
A scroll wheel for a single, smooth, one-handed operation for access and navigation of digital content.
A large 2.8-inch-wide anti-glare touch screen to quickly launch media applications for entertainment gratification.
The HP iPAQ rx4000 Mobile Media Companion series, which is built on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Software for Pocket PC, also includes a suite of connectivity options, such as integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling consumers to stay connected on the go.
Built with integrated Wi-Fi, consumers can connect to their email and the Internet to get real-time information and download music or movies. Consumers can also download VoIP software to make free PC-to-PC calls and fee-based calls to landlines and mobile phones, staying connected to loved.
Bluetooth technology enables consumers to connect to other Bluetooth devices, such as wireless stereo headphones, mobile phones and wireless printers.
Built on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Software for Pocket PC, consumers can synchronize their calendar and contacts with ease, while getting work done on the go with popular Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. ” Check out this video here:

Review of GSM handset Motorola KRZR K1

“On release, the KRZR comes in two color schemes – Cosmic Blue and Silver Sail. It isn’t hard to guess that more trims are bound to come a bit later – a red-colored model will appear in February already. In course of this year the pink women-aimed KRZR is most likely to appear on the shelves, as well as other trims, though. Taking into the account that all Motorola’s models have undergone similar color remastering, we can rightfully expect the same steps here as well. The black-colored device is available in Asia and as an exclusive edition of the European model for “Voyager of Discovery” Motorola’s tour participants, and for some VIP persons. Probably, this color scheme might make it to the retail stores this spring.” Read this big review here: